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Monday, July 8, 2013

What an Ass

In the See ya, Dude department, I have to get my snark on first thing this morning.  Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson's throat grabbing husband, has filed for divorce because of his "disappointment that she did not come to his defense", after photo's emerged of him grabbing her by the throat.  I just cannot make this stuff up and thank GOD he'll be gone and out of her life. there IS any defense for grabbing a person by the throat??  She is beyond fabulous and he's simply a mean spirited violent pecker-head. I feel much better getting that out.

On a really "no, you didn't" note, yesterday I stepped off some uneven concrete at Half Price Books trying to open the door for a guy with a box full of books, and rolled my ankle.  It hurt, oh, well, and I went on about my business not thinking much about it.  I ran laundry, I ironed, and then it started.  Holy moly.  Now I really get what Benji and Bruce have felt when they've sprained theirs.  I elevated, I iced, I Tylenoled, and Bruce finally found an old Ace bandage so I eventually compressed, and today I'm sore, but on the mend.  Yuck.

I haven't blogged much about mom lately and that's good.  With my self imposed vacation from visiting as much, I'm actually feeling better.  I figure since I'm going to be the survivor of the two of us, it makes sense for me to do what I can, and then let the rest go.  Easier said than done but I'm a work in progress.  I remember how this felt with my Dad (cancer)--wanting him to die and not wanting him to die--so at least this is not new turf.  Ambivalence is really hard if you don't realize what it is.  It's totally normal and happens a lot in life.

Last, I've started another book whose title sold it immediately.  Chose the Wrong guy, gave him the wrong Finger, made me howl though, so far, the title is better than the book.  I'm thinking this perfectly applies to Nigella!                                         


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