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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Smalls update

I went by to see the Smalls earlier this week.  Hudson was upstairs playing a video game, Hadley was downstairs, and Avery was not far behind.  Since their mom was on the phone,  the girls and I went up stairs.  We watched Hud play his video game and we talked about their recent trip to the beach and what was each one of their favorite part.  Hud's was boogie boarding, Had's was the pool, and Avery's was the pool and the beach.  The beach is a blast but it does get gritty and awfully hot.

I told them I wanted to go to the Zoo but that I'd waited too late, and would now have to wait until Fall and cooler weather to see the gorillas again.  Somehow that got us started on gorillas and we decided to Google Silver backs so they could see what they looked like.  I told them about the one that got out at the Dallas Zoo, Jabari,  and how " he ran into people".  Judging from the look on Had's face I knew I better underplay what really happened--and wrapped up by telling them "he's not there anymore".  I didn't say they shot him. (Their parents do not need three kids having nightmares in the middle of the night because their AC told them about a gorilla at the Dallas Zoo getting loose, hurting people, and then finally being shot.)   Quit laughing....

 And this is NOT a sign you ever want to see, either. Just thought I'd mention it.  Yikes!

From there we went to a gorillas in the wild video, and you could have heard a pin drop.  We watched one where a small group of people were in the wild and a lady stuck her camera in an already angry gorilla's face. Way to go, lady.  When he finally ran off, he grabbed the bottom of her pants leg and pulled her down!  The kids missed that part the first time, since it was quick, so I showed it to them again, and told them to watch for it.  They all screamed and I lost track of how many we watched it after that.  Dang, who knew gorillas were so entertaining!

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