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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Carbs and a Corgi

Lots to report from the mountains today. Last night's showers were another wash, rinse, and repeat.  Things this morning were all freshly laundered and clean smelling Friends we know from Dallas and are having dinner with tonight, went horseback riding, while we sat outside by the pool and breathed in the fresh air and just communed with nature.  Half of the state of Texas is here and that's just fine.  There's plenty of room for all of us.  We particularly enjoyed watching two little girls swimming, first thing in the morning.  Brrrr. 

I'm particularly excited about the upcoming Crested Butte Arts Festival which begins on Friday evening and goes through Sunday night.  It's a well known festival with all different types of art, food, entertainment (music), and cooking and drink mixing demo's by many of the local restaurants.  They block off several blocks of Elk Avenue downtown and though no cars, bicycles, skateboards, or pups are allowed, it looks like loads of fun.  Count me in.  I am particularly interested in seeing the wearable art since I purchased a shoulder/sweater wrap in Basalt, outside Aspen, a few summers back.  Shoot....I love any kind of art and there should be lots to take in (and maybe even take home.)

Tonight we are going to Slogar's, a well known CB institution best known for it's fried chicken and "all white" dinners.  I'm serious.  You won't find anything green there, and the only veggies are mashed potatoes or corn, which explains why our boys loved it.  Add their homemade biscuits and honey, it's a carb load.  Tomorrow morning I may have to ride the lift up and hike back down to work off at least a little of my dinner.  

Here's my furry friend I mentioned earlier and though he's actually lots cuter in person, here he is in all his glory.

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