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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A quick trip to San Miguel

My day began with a whoosh.  Two texts from Benji and a decision (mine) to let Sis come snuggle in the bed for a little bit.  Heck...I figure it's sheet day and since I already know she's going to leave a swath of dawg furrrr.... oh, why not?  By the time she finally settled down and quit licking and wiggling, I was ready to get up.  She's now back in her bed and will hang there until she decides it's time to get up.

I also decided that while I was changing the sheets, I might as well go whole hog and wash the white coverlet and once that happened, I  traveled one step further--to Mexico.  I remembered my beautiful all white embroidered bed cover that I'd gotten in San Miguel, so on it went.  Next came the matching two Euro pillows and a third I added with a different white cover, so the bed now looks cool, crisp, and summery.  Quite frankly, I might just crawl back in for a nap in a bit.  An afternoon nap sounds lovely.  Though this isn't our bedroom, it's one in San Miguel and it looks lovely as well. 
Since mom turns 86 tomorrow, I ran by this morning and took her some birthday candy since I can't go by tomorrow morning.  I primed her that she's doing the big flip tomorrow (85 to 86) so to get all rested up.  I opened up her candy and she had two pieces, the second of which was a bit of a problem.  Her upper and lower front teeth got stuck in the chocolate, as she tried to bite it in half.  Oh, lordy.  I finally pried her teeth loose and cut  up the piece of candy with a knife from the dining room.  She and I both laughed our heads off and she chased the candy with fresh ice water from her sippee cup.  Daaaang.  It's just always something! :))

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