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Thursday, July 11, 2013

TWO Bad Boys

This is a shout out to Justin Bieber's mom.  Honey, I feel your pain.  Her son has w-a-y too much money (and access to it) and is drinking his own Kool Aid. Growing up in the public eye is hard enough when you are a nobody but throw fame and lots of dough into that mix and we are all going to see and hear stuff that makes any parent grind their teeth at night.  Justin's latest--peeing in a restaurant's mop bucket and yelling F- you to a photo of Bill Clinton--all captured on film, speaks to an out of control camper who needs help.  He needs a significant male in his life to "snatch him ball headed", as my mother would say.  Translation: set some boundaries for this kid and  considering he's now 19, that ship has sailed.
 Without Justin's dad (or another significant male to him) in his life, I have a really sad feeling this is NOT going to end well.  Never mind he apologized to the biggest Bad Boy of all time--former President Clinton. You can't fix young and stupid--that's a question of time--and you just hope your kiddo gets older and smarter, before they get themselves in real trouble.

C'mon, Justin, it's wake up time.

OMG...if you saw this earlier, I can't believe my TYPO!!!!  Pretty hilarious!

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