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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Hug doctor

This morning I had a doctors appointment and while I waited, I got talking with a mom of four in the waiting room.  Three boys, one girl.  The third boy, younger by quite bit than the two older ones, looked to be around ten to twelve and his mom was telling stories about him when he was three.  As we chatted, he walked over to his mom and laid a hug of epic proportions on her.  Without realizing it, a groan escaped my lips and I blurted out "I miss those".  When the mom let go, he walked straight over to me with his arms out and gave me a hug.  I said "How did you know I needed a hug?" and he said "You just told me".

I melted faster than butter on a stack of pancakes.  Every time I looked at him, I saw him through the eyes of a hug.  I didn't even know this little boy and yet I did.  I smile now just thinking about him.

They called me to go back, I did my thing, and I was about to leave.  As I walked out to the waiting room, one of the older boys, and the mom, were missing.  As I almost reached the exit door, the hugger stuck his arms out.  Another epic hug.  He told me he felt like I needed another one and he was right.  Never underestimate the power of a hug. 

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