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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Allllmost home

The bride and groom from the wedding across the street just returned home after their honeymoon night somewhere in town.  I hope they'll do what a friend of mine did when she remarried and take a blended family honeymoon with all the kids, some place fun, and take their real honeymoon later.  Even if it's just for a few days, you can't beat that idea for setting a nice tone.

I finally texted Benji this morning to find out some scoop.  He was chillin' before reporting to the Green Room and showtime.  He said among other things that since they had a day off yesterday, the band went to...oh, crud...I can't say where...but that where ever it was, sure made him miss his wife.  (Connect the dots and you'll figure it out.)  He said he was running low on his overseas text allowance so I told him to save them for that fabulous gal he married.  Great trip but he's ready to see HER and I can't blame him one bit!  She's the BEST!                                                                   

Here's a shot of the plane that flew them to Sicily.  He said they got to tour the air field and saw tons of cool planes.                                                                            

Here's a shot of the stage for tonight.  Not in Sicily.

I noticed on FB where Aubrey, the lead singer, said for the first time in her life she'd had to buy another bag to bring home all the goodies she's bought for her family.  My kind of girl.  But it's always funny to me how stuff always looks better over there, and some of it you can get here anyway. 

They will all be home in Nash around dinner time tomorrow night and ready to sleep in their own beds, if only for a few days.  Then they are off to Florida.  Again. 

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