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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Any time now

I have to admit I'm getting excited about a new royal baby.  He or she (and my money's on a she) will be here on or near the 13th and that's not long to wait.  Babies always bring so much joy and fun, as long as they aren't yours.  If they're yours, man oh man....there's just no getting around the sleep deprivation.   For us it was a seemingly never ending boot camp, until each of ours really slept at a stretch which happened at 6-8weeks of age, and by a stretch, I mean 5-6 hours at night.  Babies generally start sleeping longer as they approach the ten pound mark, or at least that's been my experience.  Some babies don't ever sleep (my nephew) and allll most drive their mothers to the nutty bin, from lack of sleep.

Several months after my sister had her first baby, she thought she had a brain tumor (?) and it was determined after a battery of hospital tests that what she really had was a husband who traveled and was gone all week, and a baby that never slept.  She was completely and totally exhausted.  She had 24 hour duty of a newborn and no one to hand off to or at least not at night.  Yes, she had a baby nurse for a week but after that, she was solo, and that will make you insane quick. The yard guys start looking like baby sitters.  Even the Postman.  A busy baby will stretch you to your breaking point.   It's funny now, but it sure wasn't back then. 

Since it seems Kate didn't grow up with nannies, it doesn't sound like they have any plans for one right now.  My money says that will definitely change later on.  I read that after delivery and release from the hospital, she plans to head home to her parent's newish house in Bucklebury for awhile and I think that's brilliant.  Comfy, familiar, roomy, with people who love you to help out, you can kick back and rest.  Really rest.  You can even have a good cry if you're hormonal, without somebody blabbing it to the tabloids.  OK....I'm hoping that's the case anyway.  Not sure how they'll block off the photog's but no doubt the Palace and William have been all over that for months.  Or, maybe this is just a strategy--a decoy-- and she'll really be going someplace else.  Stay tuned.  We'll know soon.

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