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Friday, July 26, 2013

This and that

Things I can't wrap my brain around today:

1. The Patriarch of Duck Dynasty is leaving the show and his clean shaven additional son (how many does he have?) who is a minister, is coming to the show.  OK...I'm out.
2. Why does a haircut make you feel better and give you energy?  Is it the shampoo?
3. How does Sister already know Colorado is not in her future but she's still trying?
4.  Fat shaming increases the risk of obesity....really?  Is that really surprising to anybody?
5.  Why can I find things in the freezer (burger patties) and someone else can't?  And, yes, he opened the door first.

Lastly, I got a text around noon today from mom's Hospice nurse, April.  She said she'd gone in to do her weekly visit with mom and mom was cackling over people dancing on TV.  Why?  Who knows.  April said mom was laughing so hard, that April decided to dance, too, and mom laughed even harder.  God, I love April and the people who take care of mom.  You just never know what they are going to do over there.  I love it when people are spontaneous and just do what feels right.

I remember last Fall when the activities lady painted mom's nails orange for Halloween.  With glitter. not Paula or what she would EVER have done or worn, that I simply loved it.  Let's all remember to dance or wear orange before it's too late.    

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