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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday in the mountains

As per usual, we had plane issues trying to get here yesterday.  I don't care what airline you fly these days, it's gonna be a whipping so you best get prepared.  Our plane--actually more of a crop duster but whatever--- from Denver to Crested Butte had a refueling issue and decided to not register exactly how much fuel was in either tank.  Rather than spend more money to fill it to the brim, the airline put us on another crop duster, which was okey dokey by me.  I'd a lot rather fly knowing exactly how much fuel is on board vs playing a potentially fatal game of  "oh, let's guess."

We are finally settled after a minor room switch and we slept like lead.  I've been on dog patrol this morning while sipping my coffee and lots of the pups are wearing rain coats.  Yes, it's raining, but rain coats?  Whaaat?  A poodle, a weiner just like Sis, and one other all had on their rain coats and one was even a Chanel looking black puffer.    Finally, a dog went by just now wearing his own fur.  He must be a local.

Back from lunch and the Farmer's Market in town.  The flower sellers were extraordinary and considering it was still damp from the rain, the scent was heady.  One flower seller I thought I got a shot of but didn't, was bartering with the tent next door to trade some of her left over flowers, for some of the other gals products.  They quickly struck a bargain and both were thrilled. Bartering is a lost art and I think it makes perfect sense.  Trading just is good business and everybody wins.

The flower gals bouquets were all natural, loose, and flowy--just like you'd expect in the mountains and since everyone was about to close down, I can only imagine what she must have had earlier.  OOOO, la la.  The  guy's sunflowers above were as long as your arm.

In town was full of pups and we found a lemon  and white corgi sitting outside a jewelry store that was simply the cutest thing on four legs.  Forget the jewelry--just let me have your dawg.  He was so friendly and  looked to be fairly young with furrrrr soft as buttah.  I waaaant him.

This gal cracked me up.  Note the attachment on her back.  Whoa.  A pizza helper.

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