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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm ready!!

This year for the 4th we've gone flagalicious.  My  designer decided instead of putting all the flags in my pots, he'd line our walk way.  Read: we probably have way too many smaller flags.  Whatev.  We like it and that's what matters anywho.  Bunting and a flag banner and honey, I'm done.

I am just back from a run to check on mom and to buy goodies for the 4th.  My theory is you can never have too much fun stuff.  That said, I have cold, already smoked Woody B's salmon, a yum salad, cold, marinated green beans, frozen cookie dough, and the frozen makings for a quiche should that be the direction we decide to roll.  I'm all about having choices.  All of it will keep so no worries if we don't eat it immediately.  Besides, that's why God made freezers.  For back up plan B when you just don't want to cook.
 Ice cream making will commence tonight so it can do it's thing over nite and become frozen naughtiness.  While the ice cream freezes we (Fred) may just plop old Sis in the sink for a pre- 4th celebration bath.  She needs to get her party on, too, and fresh is always good.  We'll have to be stealth about the set up part, though.  If she gets wind of a upcoming bath, a la Fred, she goes and hides under our bed.  Not sure I blame her.  :)))

With family literally scattered all over everywhere I feel like a mother hen checking on chicks.  My sister is still in NOLA drinking coffee and eating beignets, as we speak.  Benji (Scarletta) is in Spain, Brian just moved to a new place, and my niece Brooksie and her BF are moving from LA to San Fran in the 13th.  Love it!!!  Never a dull moment and there's always something fun going on.  Blink and you'll miss a bunch.

I'll have loads to tell tomorrow about Top Secret stuff.  I can't open my yapper yet but by tomorrow morning, I'll post pics, etc. 

A big fat Happy 4th!! 

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