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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chili, baby

Last night I got to see my oldest son when he dropped by at 8:30pm, coming home from work.  Yeowser.  Some hours.  Anywho, his mission was to pick up his enchiladas, but since there was still a nip in the air, earlier, I had made a pot of chili and I knew he'd be on board for a nice hot bowl of red.  Luckily, Fred had not done the dishes, so all I had to do was fire up the chili, set him a spot by the TV, pull out the cheese, chopped green onions, and chips, so all he'd have to do was wash his paws, and sit down.  Oh, yeah...I put the TV flipper there, too.  Sure enough, when he hit the front door, and said "Chili?", he made a bee line to the kitchen.  While he washed, I dipped up a big old steaming bowl...(that sounds like the Wolf brand chili ad....jeeze) put on the cheese, and handed it to him.  At 29, I figured he could handle his own onions, but sometimes you just have to play mom a little. Then I left to go do something.

The next thing I heard was Fred and Brian, howling in the kitchen.  I never know what they are laughing about, but love hearing them.  They adore each other, and it's so fun just to observe them or hear them, going crazy on some random topic.  And when Benji is here, all three of them get started, usually with Benji telling something hilarious, and it just rolls on from there.  Sometimes it ends up in the donkey bray laughter, sometimes just bursts of laughter.  Either way, it's contagious.  Funny is just funny.  Cain't hep but laf......

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have more great news and it was delivered at almost dinnertime yesterday.  We finally received our response from the Appeals Court yesterday concerning a family lawsuit around our family company, and while we didn't get q-u-i-t-e everything we asked for, we got really close--close enough that I hope the other sides counsel and their client, were all wearing Depends.  I never thought we'd get everything --that almost never happens, but I'll sure take this.  The decision is a fifty page spankin' for screwed up judicial moves by our judge--and his first official trip to the wood shed by the Appeals Court--so that alone makes it worth the 2 1/2 year wait for the results.

The saddest part about this whole deal is, the person who sued us will now have actually less money than she would have, had she not sued us.  By the time she pays all of her attorney fees, since she was paying them on a contingency basis (30-35% of the total--maybe more), for TWO separate lawsuits, she's not gonna have squat, when all is said and done.  And she is already broke due to her own mismanagement of her funds--business and personal.  One of the lawsuits was just for hassle and to try to scare see if we'd cave, and we won that one flat out.  And her attorneys have done everything possible to kill off our company, while we awaited the decision from the Appeals Court.  Yes, they can still take this to the Texas Supreme Court but they probably won't.  By now her attorney's just want to get paid, and move on.  Oh, man....what a waste of time, money, and energy.  Greed is just such a corrosive and damaging emotion.  It never gets you anything positive and usually ends up biting you in the tush. 

Looking back, maybe that's the lesson here.  Be grateful for what you have, everyday.  More of everything is NEVER the answer and the pursuit of more will never leave you happy or satisfied--you'll always want MORE.

On a funny note, Sister is snoring like a chain saw, in her bed right below me. She's all snuggled under Wigman's old favorite red fleece blanket, with her ears flipped back and piled on top of her head.   Oh, Lordy....

Monday, March 28, 2011

What a weekend!!

Whew!  Busy, exciting weekend.  The chicken enchiladas I had planned to make for Dit, my niece, and Brian, are still in "thinking about it" mode in the refrig.  By late yesterday afternoon, I was showered and back in my pj's and happy to be there.  The enchiladas will get made some point... probably while Senora Maria is here ironing, so we can gab and catch up on each others news.  She's gonna freak over Benji's...I can hardly wait! 

I went by Saturday to see mom and once again, could not find her.  Even though I knew it was a Hair Hut day, it was almost 1:30pm and she goes at 10:30 am.  Jeepers!  She doesn't have that much hair, so I called over to the Salon, and sure enough she was on her way back.  As she was coming down the hall with her walker, I went to meet her, and told her she'd sure been gone a long time.  Without a blink she told me she'd had a lot of "maintenance work" done --the works--waxing, eyebrows tinted, hair, nails, and that on Saturday, an overhaul like that takes time.  I howled.  Clearly she was having a good day and it was about to get even better.

  Since she'd also missed lunch, they'd sent her back with her's, so while she got all settled on her sofa, I heated up her lunch.  I let her eat before I dropped Benji's bomb, knowing if I didn't, she'd never eat.  She got so excited she cried, and then we laughed, and decided to call his bad old self, so she could congratulate him.  (Kleenex alert:  I might cry on this next part so don't say I didn't warn you).  I dialed his cell and when he answered, I told Benji I was putting Babe (that's what all her grandkids call her) on the phone.  She got on and said everything you'd want your grandmother to say to you, if you've just gotten much she loves you and the girl you've she can't wait for the excited she is for you exquisite the ring is...  I stood back freezing this moment in my brain thanking God mom was alert enough to participate in this conversation, and know what was going on.  She even asked who was going to be his best man and was told "Babe...I've only been engaged 12 hours.....I don't know yet", and they both laughed. For me, it was poignant in the extreme....two new lives joining and beginning, as hers slips away. I was so glad I got to witness this firsthand, as it's a memory I will treasure forever.  Mom looking beautiful, and being present, for another family event...what a gift.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wedding bells !!

It seems we are going to be hearing them and couldn't be happier!  Benji and Andrea got engaged in Nash last night, and it was all tres' romantic.  Benji, your May and Dadamon couldn't be more proud and excited to welcome Andrea to our family. We love you both to pieces!

Photo Montage

New pillows for the squirrels to chew.

Somebody needs to get a job.


                                                                             Backyard roses.         
Hadley helps clean Hud's teeth.                                                                                                  

Welcome, Banjoman!!

Well, lookey baby boy in Nash joined as a Follower!  Woo hoo!  I am dying for his band, Scarletta, to finish recording all their new songs so I can post a link here.  Some of you, like Anna, have already heard a few songs, but they truly are GREAT.  I have them on my Ipod so I can walk to them.  Miss you muches, Benner, and welcome aboard!


Wow.  So much to tell but where to start?  After Aubs miraculous recovery from those rocket fueled antibiotics, I went on to my next patient--my niece, Dit.  That's not her real name as you might have guessed--just what some of us call her.  Since my sister is oot (out of town), Dit called her AC (Aunt Caroline) to come play "mommers" and general nurse, for her itty bitty ailing self.  I diagnosed a possible sinus infection based on her symptoms but told her if the magic chicken soup and nasal rinse I brought didn't do the trick substantially, by the next day, to get in to her MD.  And, she did, and it's a good thing---she has a nice case of strep throat.  Ouch. I must insert here that watching Dit do her nasal rinse, over the kitchen sink at her place, was about the most hilarious thing I've seen in ages.  Picture it:  hair in a droopy pony, robe cinched around her tee nincey waist, with one of those black out eye shade things on top of her head, shooting stuff up her nose....omg...I liketa died.  That girl was stylin', with that nasal rinse shooting out her nose.  But seriously, who looks good doing that.  Uh, that would be nobody.

In all fairness, I'd been planting pots outside all day, until my "house call", so I looked pretty skanky meeeself.  Since I'd just gotten my hair cut, I told Dit I looked like a fat lesbian yard person--and that's not a slam against gays--I love all of them.  Each and every one.  It's just a really accurate description of my style quotient. One glance at me and my attire, and Carson Kressley of Queer Eye would have died on the spot.
Dead, dead, d-e-a-d.  I will say that my description of myself, did improve the force of the sinus rinse shooting out Dit's nose.....that was by far the best part.

Anywho, on my walk today, this is what I discovered, and had to snap for you all to see.  This has B-O-Y stamped all over it.  It's some little guys down the blocks clubhouse/hangout, and please be sure you note the decor.  Since I couldn't snap all of the finer points, I will call your attention to the lovely black and white ottoman, and the equally attractive faded, red director's chair.  Now, look closely and you will see white suspended trash bags stashing I know not what--possibly provisions-- and the red ribbon intertwined above the entry way??....Such a welcoming, down home touch, don't you think?  It just says "Come on in" all over it. 

Man, I love our block....there's just always something funny going on in da 'hood.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Change.  And I'm talking about change that wasn't your idea or of your making.  I'm talking the kind that comes out of left field, and makes a direct hit--on you.  Are you a hater or a liker?  Do you immediately stomp on your "emotional brakes" and plant your feet so firmly you end up dirt skiing, to avoid it...or...are you one of those people who likes change...likes it so much you have to move every three months?

Some people don't realize that what's under all that negative "change discomfort" is just FEAR.  Fear of the unknown.  What's it going to be like and what if I don't like it?  What if I have to give up something I have or I don't get what I want, or think I'm "entitled to"? Will I be OK?  What if I'm not?  What then?  What if I have to do it anyway, and find out?

And those "changers" who like change so much, they move every three months.  Is it possible they are FEAR-ful of putting down any roots or connecting on such a level, that they could no longer just pack up, cut and run?  Are they unable to just "be" for longer than three months....are they possibly running from something, rather than to something?  If I hang around, will I have to feel feelings, even if they are good ones?  And what if they aren't.....what will happen to me then?  If I stay, I'll have to find out.

What's interesting to me is that we all end up at the same place-- whether we dislike change or like it.  Change is inevitable and we all end up having "to find out" what happens eventually, whether we're a liker or a hater. Weird how that works.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Woo hoo!

Well, all the prayers must have worked because Aubs is officially on the mend and getting discharged tomorrow, home to her mommy, where everyone should go, if they still have a mommy.  Mommy care is the best.  And, it's free.  And fun to be waited on hand and foot...with those big fluffy, down pillows and cool, crisp, pressed cotton sheets....then they feel sorry for you, so they cook all your favorite stuff.  I wanna be sick.  : (


Who knew reading my blog would put one of my Followers in the hospital?  Eagds.  Seriously, though, Aubrey is in the hospital in Nash so everybody send her prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery.  You know...this nurse stuff does come in handy.  I got to speak to Aubs's mom this morning, since Benji had enlisted my help, long distance.  Damn...where is my private "Oprah" jet when I need it, so I could just buzz to Nash and do some real unofficial nursing.  I could spend the night with Aubs at the hospital, so her momma and Sibs could get a good night's sleep.  I could go down the hall and shake a stick at those lazy night nurses, the likes of which they may never have experienced.  I'd love that....just does my heart good thinking of fun stuff like that.  And all for a good 'cause--little Ms. Aubs. 

It's funny...I never think much about my past career until something like this happens and then I am in it up to my eyeballs, scratching in the closet for my old scrubs, trying to diagnose long distance, explain how to nicely mention a few choice words, like Nurse Manager, Director over this area, Hospital Administrator (CEO), and watch people rocket right out of their chairs, and start giving the care they should be giving anyway.  You can't do it a lot-- and you don't drop those names if you aren't mad enough to bite the head off a small child--
but when it's called for.....well, hell...just do it.  There's ways to get what you need without doing this but you have to know what they are, how to do it, and then be willing to do them.  They key is knowing how.

Those of you who were part of the Parkland blog after Brian's crash, heard some of the stuff I did --and you better know I'd do it all over again, if I had to. The trick is, you have to be nice when you do it.  But, and here's the real cannot leave any doubt in the mind of the person you are speaking with, that you will do exactly what you've just said you will, whatever that is.  And if you just happen to have any medical background, you throw that card, too, to let them know you ain't playin'.  No, baby.  Not today.

Ahhh....the good old days.  Do I miss it?  Not on your life.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome, Julie!

I am now up to Follower # 12 and couldn't be more delighted to welcome a friend from childhood!  Julie is my sister Gretchen's age, and her sister, Dee Dee, is my age.  I think at one point Julie's mom was my Bluebird leader.  Welcome, Julie, and buckle up.  Sometimes I get a little over the top so hang on!

To all you Lurkers: Aren't you guys getting a little tired of not being welcomed like Followers?  You know you are.  Aren't you ready to out yourselves?  C'mon and join.  We won't tell can even use a fake name if that's how you roll.

Ridin' that Emotional Roller Coaster

Shooweee...that emotional roller coaster's got more twists and turns than the Texas Giant.  Sunday, mom took yet another face plant in her bathroom, right as my sister and I were walking in the door, and she still had her heat on, set at 80 degrees.  OMG...can you say sweat lodge because it was one.  If I'd have hot flashed, we'd have had Texas's first tsunami.  Once we got her cleaned up and fixed up, the heat off, and the cool on, I switched out her heavy clothes for her lighter ones, from her storage unit.  At that point, my sister and I were spent.  She cried on her way home, and I just went home and spewed my guts to Fred.  Thank God he'll listen, and even though I give him the edited, abbreviated version, you can tell he's still shocked.  Me, too.

My sister and I were on a mission Sunday to ask mom some of those weird end of life questions that we realized we didn't know the answers to, or at least weren't sure we did.  We were down to just the "what kind of flowers, what places for donations, etc.", since the rest is all done.  Needless to say, that didn't happen Sunday, so my mission today was to ask all that, and I did.  As I had anticipated, she doesn't want us to get her ashes back after donating her body to Southwestern's Willed Body program, thank goodness, and her response to most of the questions, I was fairly sure already knew--  she doesn't care.  When I asked her who she wanted to do her service, she said, and I quote, " about you and Gretty and David.." to which I hooted.  Clearly, she didn't understand what I meant, and when I clarified, she popped right out with who she wanted.  Oh, hell yeah...she's still in there somewhere

But I think my most favorite part was when I asked her what kind of flowers she'd like on the altar, and she answered "umm...whatever...". Then I asked her what were some of her most favorite flowers.  When she said "well, know I love lilies", I almost lost it.  No, I did not know that.  I asked "white ones?" and she said "YES....those are my most favorite".  I made it to my car before I got teary ....white lilies are my most favorite, too.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cinny's or Sinny's?

Pictured is the Enemy, so be advised.  I had a friend over for coffee this morning and warmed up some of these sugar covered, cinnamon filled,  she devils for her to enjoy.  Me?  I could only look on, attempting not to drool all over myself.
The South Beach diet saga continues,( through Lent), and dammed if I can find these anywhere in my book, and believe me I tried.  Since today is the last day of phase 1, life will loosen up, slightly, tomorrow but since it still will not include these mini cini's (cinnamon rolls), this contraband will need to head to the office with Fred, first thing in the morning.  No matter what--these babies are leaving.  Outta here.  Gone.
  If you've never had any Sister Schubert rolls, DO NOT START.  REPEAT.  Don't do it.  This is the crystal meth of sweet rolls and they will take you down------w-a-y down........ someplace you don't want to go.  To FAT LAND.  And elastic waist pants made of my glamorous friends, Poly and Ester (polyester).  Worse still?  Dimple butt.

The sugar rush, countered with a hot cup of java, makes me want to sob just thinking about it.  Ohhhhhhh, can you be so cruel?
 Don't say I didn't warn you.  Now, go ahead.....aren't they just the best??

Welcome, Aubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG....I have a new follower!  Whopping number 11 and I couldn't be more thrilled.  She is the beee-u-ti-ful lead singer in Scarletta, and her name is Aubrey Collins.  I defy you to find someone with more fabulous pipes!  This gal can sing you right out of your chair, onto your dancin' feet!!  Welcome, Aubs!  So glad to have you aboard!

Now, I must get on to today's topic and that is the Thermostat.  Or in my case, the WAR of the THERMOSTAT that is going on at our house.  Someone around here is NOT having hot flashes, and is trying to keep the temp at a level that is essentially toasting me.  He shoves it up, I shove it down.  I tell him to just go to the office and let me enjoy my damn igloo.  And, yes, it might be a tad chilly for some but just put...on...a... sweater.  Those of us who feel like we are being microwaved need the cool to remain sane.  There are only a certain number of showers we can take each day and not mildew.  Yes, we have ceiling fans and oh, baby am I ever using them.  Moving air is another requirement.  Still, hot, air is just enough to make you feel like one of those melting reactors in Japan.  At least I'm not giving off radiation....that I know of.

Benji came into the kitchen one morning when he was home last, in his boxers, and my fleece jacket, while I was happy as a clam.  Dude...put some clothes on if you're cold.  I can't take any more off.  You'd go blind.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Why does it have to be so complicated?

Yesterday around lunch time our router died, and we plunged head first into computer hell.  And it was sheer hell.  Things that are complicated like cars and computers aren't supposed to quit working, and if they do, you should just be able to call and have a new one delivered, and set up immediately, at no charge.  It seems only right.  For cars, they should just drive you over one like you had, that runs, and off you go.  That's my kind of world--the no fuss, no muss world.  All this computer support nonsense, like Fred did all day long is just forgetitsville.  Nuh, huh..... 'cause I don't even speak their language, and haven't a clue as to what they are even asking me.  Two routers later, I am back in the computer saddle, but really......why does it need to be that hard?  By the time it was fixed, Fred looked like he was gonna have a s-t-r-o-k-e. 

According to yet another of my unofficial polls, I found we are not the only ones who had some difficulty this weekend, and some people had a full week of drama.  My poll included a flooded office, for the fourth time, two thefts--one from their truck, one from a piece of property, one family's financial crisis due to illness, an elderly mom (98) who was dropped accidentally after hip surgery and re-fractured her hip, and oh, yeah...I got a blister on my heal from my shoes Saturday night.  (OK....that last part was supposed to make you laugh.)

The reality is, sometimes life just happens.  And it's nothing bigger than that.  God won't ever give you anything He won't give you the strength to handle--- but I'm not so sure that includes computers.   Nah.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Casting--my way

I have a favorite Foodie blog I subscribe to where the author until recently had not been pictured--at least not as long as I've been reading.  His name is David Lebovitz and he's a professional chef and author, whose specialty is/was desserts.  No wonder I like him.  Anyway, his posts are always fun and interesting, and from what he's said on his blog, I pictured him in my head as a tall, head full of dark dark hair, large, Jewish gay man (cause he's said that), moderately overweight, because he talks about eating as much as I do.  The other day he had a video as part of his post, in which he appeared, and he is just NOT how I cast him.  He is slight, slim, medium height, and balding (that's a nice way of saying it).  Whaaat?

Now that I've actually seen him, I can no longer go back to my imagined fat friend.  I HATE that.  It's not that I don't like the way he looks in reality--he's absolutely fine--it's just that I had him all imagined in my head.  Which brings me nicely to books.  When you read, do you read the descriptions of characters and if you don't like it or it doesn't seem to fit, do you change it in your mind?  I do.  And I realized I've been doing it since childhood.  When I read Gone With the Wind, Scarlett was not brunette--she was BLONDE.  I've gotten over it as an adult, and accepted that OK...she was brunette...but that was just not how I cast her.  Margaret Mitchell should have known better that any "Katie Scarlett", as her father called her, was blonde.  It just works better.  And, I feel sure sure this has to do with me, always playing the lead in any good read, but whatever. 

I do it in movies, too.  Especially if I've read the book first, if there was one.  They never...OK, perhaps seldom, cast it the way I've seen it in my head.  It's too hard to try to change it in a movie so I just go with it.
Whadaya gonna do...ask for your money back?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Signs you are getting OLD

1.  You read FB and understand about half of some of the language but you still get the general gist.
2.  You have to wear your computer glasses to read anything, period.
3.  You can't blog with the TV on  since your brain "screener" no longer works, and the noise makes you crazy.
4.  You ask your husband to turn down the TV volume and when he's gone, turn it back up, a teence.
5.  You make a South Beach diet dessert and use the sugar substitute in an equal amount that the recipe calls for vs. checking to see how many packets of Splenda equals a 1/4 cup
6.  As a result of #5, you may eventually glow in the dark or grow hair on your tongue because you ate the damn dessert anyway.  And, your tongue may possibly fall out.
7.  You look at life as the hilarious event that it truly is vs having every day be yet another crisis.
8.  You love your adult, grown children so hard it hurts, and still try to stay out of their business.
9.  Baby anythings make your hands itch to hold them--except snakes, rodents, insects, get the drift.
10.  You love your partner more today than even when you married him and you'd do it all over again.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome, Andrea!!

FYI : I have a new follower and I couldn't be more thrilled because she's someone I adore.  She's the cutest girl ever and she's Benji's GF.  (You've already seen this pic of her in an earlier Nash post but I couldn't resist.)  See....I told you she was cute!

I just don't get it

I am going somewhere I thought I'd never go, but I just have to.  What is the fixation we seem to have these days with dog poop?  And why do we have to pick it up, when walking your pet in your neighborhood?  I realize a lot of people have pets but don't most pets poop on grass, and doesn't it eventually break down via the sprinklers, sun, etc.?   Why do we have to use a bag to pick up poop, still hot off the press ?  Can't it just stay where it was left?  If you have never picked up warm dog poop in an inside out bag so it all goes in, and none gets on you, and then tried to carry it for any length of time, you will only do it once.  It's just nasty.

Now, if it's downtown or in a shopping area, I get that.  This isn't France where dogs just poop right outside a Bistro and the owners keep walking.  I'm talking neighborhoods and parks.  Frankly, I think every kid needs to step in dog poop at least once, barefoot in the summer, and with shoes on, ocassionally, just to become a bona fide kid.  Dog poop on your shoe never killed anyone that I'm aware of and it's just a right of passage ....everyone needs to be able to experience and understand what it's like, and be able to laugh and go "ohhh, yeah".  A shared experience where we can all connect, if you will.  And the barefoot experience?  You missed a vital part of childhood if you never had to wash your bare foot off, poop between your toes, in a hose, while all your siblings or pals laughed their heads off. And if you are an adult, and you have to mow poop ocassionally, it's no biggie.  I've done it-- and if it's fresh, you get a stick and just flick it.  Biiiig deal.

I know some people get crazy at the thought of poop in their yard.  Why?  I guarantee it's not the only poop in their yard.  Birds, squirrels, and cats, all poop in their yard, and we don't pick up theirs?  How come  they all get a free "poop pass", and dog's don't?  And those little" no pooping here" signs, with a dog on them, in yards that are anti poop?  You can put out one of those, but I wouldn't.  It might make people target your yard.  :)

P. S.  I just checked, and there are even yard signs saying "no tinkling", that's just wrong.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

OOOO, ahhhhh...

I love Spring Break, especially now that my kids are grown.  Even though I don't have any kids in school to make it official Spring Break, I can just feel a difference in town.  Things s-l-o-w down.  There's less traffic and a more relaxed attitude of drivers, which = a lot less finger shooting and honking.  You can find parking places in Snider Plaza, on Lovers Lane, and even at North Park.  Its just more fun....  I like watching the birds out front bathe in the sprinklers, and talk to each other back and forth.  The Grackles hold their wings up to get a rinse underneath, and then hang around to eat the bugs that the sprinklers flush out of the grass.  What a deal.  A bath and breakfast.

 I like watching my tee tiny yellow Lady Banks roses pop out--even after a winter like we just had.  That's just amazing to me for something that looked brown and dead, to green up and pop out with flowers that fast...those are some hardy little devils.  I like seeing more of my neighbors outside--big and small, some walking their dogs, some running, and others minding their little people, as the grass quickly and quietly turns green, seemingly overnight.  My most favorite, though, has to be the blooming trees--red buds, white buds, tulip trees, Bradford Pear, Dogwood, Viburnam--too many to name.  Just walking or driving around is like going to an art exhibit.  The blue skies and the flowers?  They are just a whole other category.

I'm so glad I live somewhere where Spring comes fairly early.  I'd never make it in the North.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sis's Busy Farm weekend

We decided go up Friday and it was just the getaway we needed.  Fred found one lone dead mouse in the big house Friday night, after his arrival patrol, and later thought he might have seen another one scurry past while he was watching TV.  Luckily, I was in the back and knew nothing about the second mouse. 

Saturday while Fred cleaned the scuzz out of the front tank, assisted by Sis, I took a walk.  The sun was out and it was beeeeeutiful but blustery, so after lunch, and a run into town, I felt compelled to nap.  Somebody needed to and Mr. Activity sure wasn't going to stop all of his projects, so I appointed myself.  He fertilized the yard, re-glued down some tiles that are probably not going to stay down since they are 900 years old but he gave it a shot anyway. Then he treated some trees that have borers.  See why I needed a nap...I got tired just watching him.

Cut to Sunday morning.  We are watching TV, but Sis is hunting something inside...starting near the fireplace and then sniff tracking it across the room, getting more excited as she went....sniffing, squeezing that wide load of herself, between the wall and an old small trunk.  By this point, I have jumped up off the sofa, and flown across the room at warp speed, while Fred tries to help her find what she's tracking.  I am about to barf.

  I told Fred to move the shutter out from the wall, and as he did, Sis jumped and clamped her shark jaws around a mouse.  OMG.  She's fast, for a fat girl.  Fred kept yelling for her to "drop it", while  I was just fine with her hanging on to it--at least until I was sure it was dead.  She chomped it a couple of times, and then let him have it.  Hopefully, that is the end of the mouse caper--at least for awhile. I can't take much more of that.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


It all started Friday on a quick run to Target.  As I grabbed a cart, I turned and saw these bunny ears, and had a little people meltdown.  Yeah, I know...Lent just started and we are not anywhere near Easter, but I just had to have these for the smalls.  Luckily, they came in three different colors so at least we could escape the "Nooooo, those are my bunny ears" potential fights. 

Hudson, always the sweet older brother knew Hadley would want the pink pair, and even though he got first pick, called her and showed her the colors. When she screamed , "I want the pink ones!", handed them right to her. ( Let's face it...he didn't want those damn pink ones anyway but it was still so sweet of him.)  When I was little, my brother would never have done that....he would have held the pink pair up high,waving them in the air, so my sister and I would have had to climb him, to get them.  And then he still wouldn't have let us have them....and we'd have screamed and cried....and then mom would have intervened.  Typical big brother stuff.  That's just how some older brothers are.  He was big into torture.

Since Avery had just woken up and was not real sure what was going on when I tried to put her ears on, Had jumped in the bed with her, to assist.  Ahhhh....sister bunnies!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'll be offline until Monday.  See you then.  Don't forget Sunday is the start of Daylight savings.

Prayers for the Tsunami and Earthquake victims and their families

Instead of blogging today, I will spend that time sending prayers to all those victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, those in Hawaii, and the West coast of the United states.  If you are so inclined, please join me.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fall of Giants

I think I'm  getting a little snarky about FB.  First I was hatin' on it and now it's settled into just a recurring grrrr.  It's always the same people commenting and I'm a little bit picky about who I friend and who I don't.  For me, FB is not about having as many friends as I can possibly have on my page...for me it's a short cut to knowing what some people are up to that I hardly ever see.  People who I still adore and make me laugh long distance.  Guess I'm "choicey" like that, as one of our old maids used to say.  The reality is, not everyone feels like I do, and are clearly not my age, either.  Well, yeah...there is that.....

And now FB has this privacy thing where I have to put in an additional password on my own computer, to be sure it's me.  And then I get an email telling me I've just been on my own page...  I know it's to prevent hackers and I do appreciate that part.  It just feels a tad bit redundant.

I just finished a killer new novel by Ken Follet that is the first one in his new Century Trilogy, and this one is called Fall OF Giants.  It's a whopping 985 pages and it set back in the early 1900's and goes through World War 1.  Now, I'm not saying I'm a war gal at all, but the characters are all really well developed and the back stories on everyone are intriguing.  The war stuff does go on for a while, but then so did WW1, and he intersperses all kinds of family drama and love affairs, so it's never boring .  Book 2 is not out yet and that's the big bummer.  It won't be out until 2012, and will surround the children of the people in FoG--a real generational saga--so you know there's going to be lots of dirt in that one. I can hardly wait.

If you've never read any Ken Follet, you have missed out on a golden opportunity.  Pillars of the Earth and World Without End (the prequel to PotE) are two of my most favorite all time reads.  If you decide to read any or all three of these, prepare to go underground for awhile, like a will not be able to put them down.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get over it

I just got back from a run to mom's and I think I need to get over myself.  When I walked in, she was napping on her sofa with the TV on, 'cause it's ALWAYS ON.  Anyway, her hair and nails were all freshly done, but get this: she had on the top to a lovely knit suit I don't think I've ever seen before (black and gold) with the matching shell underneath, and her charcoal velour warm up pants.  Seriously, it was a traffic stopper.  I will give her points since her pants used to be black--but now they are more a lovely charcoal color, and worn to death.  But, she loves them, so she gets to wear them.  After I smothered my laughter, my first thought was the boys growing up, and some of the ensembles they cooked up.

  Since they both went to a Montessori school, dressing themselves and promoting a child's independence was BIG.  I vividly remember clashing clothing colors that almost blinded you, stripes with plaids, Hawaiian shirts, jams and other shorts spun half way around backwards, because "you did it all by yourself".  Tube socks with the colored stripe at the top that were so long, they practically reached their groin.  But, they had to have those socks.  Nothing else would do. Ninja Turtle, He Man, and Skeletor underwear and pj's were simply a must have.

So, I guess that's where we are...back to the old "toddler dressing" days with mom.  I guess if nothing else, it sure isn't boring.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Man, she's good

A certain someone around here just got away with murder and, no, it was not me.  Hint: she is black, bad, and hiding in the den, lest her luck runs out.  Several weeks back, Fred went ballistic when he couldn't find his series of Invisiligns, from his orthodontist. Yep, at 57 he is having to straighten his teeth again, but I digress.  When said Invisiligns could not be located, all hell broke loose around these parts.  First, I was accused of "moving them", then "Friday Maria must have thrown them away", and lastly "someone did something with them"-- on and on he went, pointing that finger of his.  Never mind he left them in a box on his bathroom floor for days, before they disappeared.  It was everybody else's fault.

A few minutes ago, I told Fred Sis was under the bed with something, I couldn't tell what.  Sooooo, he leans down and reaches to see what it is.  Wanna guess who'd dragged the package of 5 sets of Invisiligns, under the bed, and was babysitting them, along with a few other trinkets, like Kleenex, dental floss, etc.?  Oh, bet she did, and as she slithered out from under the bed and took off for the den, he didn't even get mad at her!  After a few tense moments (on her part) in the den, waiting to see if he was going to let it rip with her, she has now sauntered back in here, where I am, and is sleeping in the chair!!

Since none of this is any of my affair, I am choosing to be Switzerland here.  Man....I underestimated her.  She's goodShe's really good.  Well played, Sis.


Thanks to some assistance on Fred's part, they have finally stopped throwing our physical paper except on Sunday's, and we are strictly E-Edition, the rest of the time.  Fred tried it out first and made it sound pretty bad, so a few days ago, when our paper stopped, I logged on.  The verdict?  I like it!  It's really fast to read and I don't have to put the actual paper in the recycle bin after wards.  Another plus.  Less trash, more trees.  I did request they move the Guide up from dead last to before the Classifieds, but other than that, yahoo.  There may be a way to click straight to it that I haven't found yet so I'm still learning. 

OK....I just have to comment on the new clap on bra.  Clap twice, it clicks on, clap twice, it unlatches.  Clearly this was engineered for fumbling nerds, but we all know that.  What I'm posing is this:  What happpens out in pulic, say at the Symphony, when the entire audience starts clapping?  Does your bra keep opening and closing...can you program it not to...does it show through your top, sort of like a heartbeat, only in the middle?
Lastly, guys would buy it, but would you?  I can just picture Fred trying to pester me by "clapping", all the time.  Not gonna happen, Fred.  Fagedaboudit.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sacred Cows

Sacred cows.  Got any?  And by that I mean, anything you consider impossible to give up, change your attitude about, see differently, or chuck overboard.  And I'm talking deeply buried stuff.  People who have hurt you that you refuse to forgive.  Beliefs you hold that you refuse to consider seeing in a different light.  Behavior choices you feel not only entitled to but are unwilling to change/eliminate, because you've reached that "certain age" and feel you've earned the right, even though you haven't and never will, because it's not a  right.  You just tell yourself you've earned it, so you can do whatever you want to do, since after all, it's really about about you anyway, isn't it?  Examples: telling your children or grandchildren how to live their lives because that's what you think is best for them, never mind the fact they didn't ask for your opinion, and couldn't care less what you think.  Or, what about other people's religious or political beliefs that don't jive with yours, which just means of course, that whatever they believe is wrong, and if they would just believe the way you do, they'd be OK.  What if you gave them the same courtesy they extend to you, where your beliefs are concerned?  Any of this ringing any bells?

And what about addictions we all know we have, because we all do, and if you don't think you do, look deeper, because you're fooling yourself: ones like food, gambling, booze, tobacco, drugs, other people's business, sneaking, lying, manipulating, managing, hover-mothering, hover-fathering, fixing others, rescuing others, cheating, justifying your behavior, etc., that you swear you really aren't doing, but down deep, if you do an little excavating, you find out you know you really are.  And then you have to keep it buried and feel guilty about it, because that's how you keep yourself stuck.  Are you willing to do anything different...even though it's often scary, requires willingness and effort, and doesn't feel comfortable at all, in the beginning?

Just wondered....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Poor Gretty

This is really mean to laugh about, but I just cain't hep it.  Creepy Guy is now calling my Sister, again, and I just cannot stop laughing.  Now seriously, my sister doing the exact same thing to you, that I did, which is not answer the phone, or return your call, and you keep on calling?  Answer: YES.  And when Super Fred told you I didn't want to talk to you, period, did you not see a connection?  Duh.  That perhaps if I didn't want to talk to you, perhaps my sister didn't either?  You couldn't connect those dots?  Of course you could, and did.  You're just an old horses ass with nothing better to do.

  He knows.  He just wants to be confronted.  What a sicko.  Either way, it still just has me squealing like Arnold Ziffel, the pig on Green Acres.  I just cain't hep it.

Muchas Gracis, Juan

I know this may sound hokey but I truly have a song in my heart and a jump in my step, and here's why: Juan and his band of merry yard men made it by late yesterday afternoon, and set about doing what they do best--cleaning up a yard.  From my perch, looking out the front window, I count at least 12 bags of leaves, and that's just the ones I can see from here.  My yard now looks like something I'm not embarrassed to see, and the back yard is spick and span.  Now it just needs to warm up a little, so I can enjoy being out there longer.  There's just something about clean and neat, that rocks my clock. (A little bit of dirt and some leaves flew in via the doggie door, from the leaf guys jet propelled blowers, but that's a small price to pay for the job they do, and nothing a broom can't fix.)

My Lady Banks roses have all greened up and should be thinking about blooming in the next few weeks.  When they turned all brown during the ice and snow, I was really worried, but some warm sun, water, and some gentle fertilizer have them coming right back.  Since they almost totally surround the roof of our outdoor eating area, if they had croaked, it would have been murder ripping all that down.  My Bridal Wreath Spirea (the green bush on the left) is on her way back as well, and is already putting out buds for her flowers.  We have one big Photinia at the back of the yard (the brown part of the pic) that's on life support, despite Fred's doctoring, and while I'm ready to pull the plug, he wants to play doctor on it a little longer. Today I'm ready to get out the fertilizer and let the front yard have it.  Fred will be all about telling me it's too early, as I spread it on anyway.  Or, I can always just put it on my half.  That'll really make him nuts.  :)

And lastly,............Happy Birthday, Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday Maria

There's someone I've never blogged about and it just seems like it's time because she is such a card.  I call her Friday Maria, because that's when she comes.  She works up and down our block for neighbors, and then for my sister on Monday's.  She is the skinniest, bird leggingest little thing, probably because she works so hard and cleans like she is on fire.  She usually doesn't say a lot but is beginning to, now that her English is improving.  Either that or my Spanglish is getting better.  She is the sweetest, best thing and we all adore her.

Anywho, yesterday, while I was at the Bank, she was mopping one of the bathroom floors, and fell.  The only reason I know is because when I got back, she needed a bandaid where she had scraped her hand.  I asked to be sure she was OK, and she said she was fine.  But can you even picture someone mopping sooo hard, that they fell down?  The sad part is, I can, and my eyebrows almost shot off my face trying to smother my laughter.  Even she was laughing, when she told me what had happened.'s a miracle we still have porcelain on that tile.  And then she told me she needed some more cleaning products, so I said "Sure", and to just put whatever she needed on my grocery list.  Here's what she wrote:  Lysol, and then she wrote Mild and Mold.  Uh... would that perhaps be Lysol Mold and Mildew bathroom cleaner?  I had to take Sister outside on that one....that, or I was going to blow a lung, trying to hold in my howls.  Her writing is always perfect so I think maybe she was just having a moment, post fall.  And, baby, does she ever love to scrub.  My sister and I have laughed our heads off over watching her go at it, and we had to quit buying certain types of scrubbers, for fear she'd take the finish off our stainless steel.

One Thursday a year or so ago, she rang our doorbell and when I opened it, she was in tears.  She told me Pressley, the dog from Hell who lived next door, had gotten out and run off.  I'm sure she was terrified she'd lose her job--little did she know our next door neighbors would have been thrilled by this news--but that's another story.  I told her I would go and try to find Pressley and not to worry, since Pressley and I were well acquainted.  Pressley was caught, returned home, and I told Maria "Pressley es una perro muy malo", and we laughed our heads off.  No telling what I really said in Spanish--I was trying to say Pressley was a really bad dog. Pressley has since moved to Houston, with our neighbors daughter, and let's just say not a tear was shed when she left.

Friday Maria loves People magazine, so I recycle mine to her and her daughter.  She thinks she has died and gone to heaven and I just think she's really smart.  A free week old People Mag?  Well, Hell, yeah.  She always asks if she can use the phone, or have something we've thrown away, so as a result, I try to give her first dibbs on anything we are cleaning out.  The more her English improves, the funnier she gets.  We are so blessed to have our Friday Maria, and we know it.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Benji's band sang the National Anthem at the Nashville Predator's game earlier this week.  It shows their practice song, and then their actual performance at the end.  His momma is plum proud. 

Nobody likes a mean old lady

A certain someone (Sis) has made it under the covers, again, for the fourth time, and the last time (last night), it wasn't at my invitation.  It was alllll Fred's.  She's gone from a gentle asking with a teeny whine, to a full blown "I need to be up there with you".  And she makes sure she looks her most beautiful when she asks: ears pricked, sweet faced, and 100% girly.  Once up, she wants to "dig" a bed, which is a no-no she is attempting to learn, but once settled, she's, well.....just deeeeeelicious.  Warm, soft, slick and she rolls on her back to be rubbed on.  Paws bent in half, tail straight out, ears flopping, she's irresistible.  And then she the middle of your TV show.  Yep...she's a Harris all right.

I had a bunny sighting Wednesday afternoon and ran across the street with my phone to get a shot of him.  A man came out of a house next door, started talking to me about the "cat" under the car I was trying to photograph, and by the time I had told him it was a rabbit, the bunny had hopped to my neighbors back yard.  The long and short of it is, I got shots of him but they were at a distance so he looks like a dirty white blob.  Yesterday a friend showed me how to work the zoom on my phone so next time, I'll get him up close and personal.  My only problem is my across the street neighbor, where the bunny hangs out.  She is definitley NOT Ms. Congeniality and is a kid hater, smokes like my fire pit, and is just an all round mean old bag.  She once hit my Maria's car, and then tried to "come back later" to leave her insurance information.  Maria came and got me, and let's just say that didn't fly.  Nobody likes her, and despite the fact I've always been nice to her, she's now on my list.

  Anyway, while I was trying to shoot the bunny, she banged on her window, and slammed her front door, to try to shooo me away.  I know she looked out and saw me, otherwise how would she know I was even there?  Lady...seriously....ya think you could have just opened the door and asked me what in the world I was doing?  It's not like you don't know me and armed with my phone, I'm actually pretty harmless.  But now it's's gonna be on like Donkey Kong and I'm going to encourage Sis to.... tinkle in her yard.  And the next time that old lady wants to talk or complain about The Emperor next door when she sees me outside....welllllllll....we'll just see about that. 

But the best news is, a family, with kids, just bought the house next door to her, with a huge pool in the back.   I hope they have a bunch of little boys....they'll make tons of noise.  :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Physical Therapy

I ran by mom's yesterday afternoon and when I opened her door, she wasn't there, but her TV was on.  Her TV is always on, so nothing new there.  After I put away the things I'd brought her, I tried to figure out where she might be.  Visiting?  Maybe, but probably not.  Then I thought of Physical Therapy, so I walked down the hall to the PT department.  Sure enough, there she sat, with 3-4 other oldsters, and it took me a minute to adjust my eyes to the sight.  I guess I never expected to see my mom doing a PT class like that.  There she sat, with her hair all coiffed and her nails all manicured, but she was just.... old.   When did that happen?  And watching my mom when she doesn't know I'm there, is even more weird.

She had one of those bike pedal things in front of her that they use to strengthen their upper arms, and while all the PT she's been doing has helped her enormously, it still just shocked me.  And then I got tickled and could not stop know what I'm talking about.....the laughing that comes over you at the most inappropriate times, like a funeral (and Fred makes a face at you), or when your boss is yelling.  Luckily, no one saw me (since I was out in the hall,) and I got myself together before going in to say hi.  I think what gassed me was, all the oldsters sitting there looked like little kids again.....just with less energy. It looked like grade school, in the gym.  No dodge ball... but you get the drift.

Come to think of it, I felt just as weird watching Brian in PT, while he was still in the hospital after his motorcycle crash.  I only peeked in twice but both times made me horribly uncomfortable. His PT was just so damn painful, I couldn't stand to watch it.  Even loaded on pain meds (him--not me), it was still awful.  You think you are a Big Girl until you face something like that.  Nope....not so much.

  In my opinion, Physical Therapist are the jewels of health care recovery and most people don't know much about them, until they need one.  I used to work with several who moonlighted in my department way back when, and they have my undying respect and admiration.  They are truly miracle workers.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Off to the movie

I am prouder than a new first grader's mother.  I just got a phone call from mom and she and a bunch of her gal pals from the Plaza, are planning a gals trip to the Angelika this Friday to see The King's Speech.  The reason for her call??  She needed cash for the movie and since we take care of all that for her, I was thrilled she remembered she needed money for the movie.  The driver at the Plaza is all set up to take them and pick them up, and he's wonderful at helping them with their walkers, etc.  I can't wait to hear how it goes.  Mom loves movies and she already knows this one is right up her English loving alley.  When she called, I think I was as excited as she was, about her going.  Even at 83, ain't life grand!

It's time for me to get serious in the yard department and get my fertilizer ready and the yard mowed.  I hate all that old, crispy, brown grass--it's just uggggleee-- and we still have leaves up under our bushes that just need Juan Huerta's leaf blowing men to come clean up.  He's worth every penny and his guys are so nice.  When he's done, the yard always looks like it's had a mani and pedi.  Oooo, la la.

My daffodils bloomed, the red buds are out in force, and that can only mean one thing--winter is o-v-e-r-- and can I get an amen on that.  It's time to rev up my big green egg and eat outside in the backyard.  I'm ready to throw the windows open and enjoy the breeze, the birds, and all of the smalls on our block playing outside.  It's time to pot and scratch in the dirt, even though it's still early.  Eleven more days and we should be past the last frost date so I'll be digging around in the garage from now on, seeing what I have and what I need to get.  I can just see Fred's face as he reads this....since the garage is technically "his domain", he's gonna have a cow knowing I'm out there poking around.  I live to pester him.