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Saturday, July 6, 2013

This and that

Today is officially Fried Chicken Day and for that I say a heart felt AMEN.  I wish I could personally thank the brilliant woman who came up with the idea of seasoning and battering chicken parts and then frying them.  I think she deserves a posthumous medal for her contribution to Southern society.  She had to be a southerner.  No Yankee would have considered throwing chicken parts in hot grease.  I know it was a woman simply because of the sheer brilliance of the idea and the willingness to clean up after all that frying.  A man might have tried it once.  After that, everyone would have starved rather than him clean up that mess again.  Fagedaboudit.

I've decided that even if I don't get to travel for another couple of weeks, tracking Benji all over Europe and the two Senora  Maria's in Mexico, is actually almost as much fun.  Throw in my hair dresser at the Cape and honey, I'm all over the world.  I can say that Scarletta is in one of my least favorite cities in Italy and if you know me, you know exactly where that is.  They have left Catania, Sicily, and will be playing their last show tomorrow before heading home.  There have been a few hiccups: a bass guitar that never left Spain for Sicily necessitating an over nite stay by Stoops and Kevin, in order to retrieve it, before flying on.  In order to locate the guitar, the band had to miss their flight to Catania, but once found, three members went on ahead in order to be present for their radio interview the following morning on the base.  The Navy warned them up front that Alitalia and Iberia airlines basically lose everything, so to drag on board the aircraft anything of major importance.   Man, they were not kidding. Unfortunately, since a bass guitar does not fit in the overhead bin, you have to roll the dice.

The Perot Museum yesterday was fun and I'm sure glad we went right when it opened.  There were lots of families and kids camps visiting, so we didn't diddle.  I had on a new shirt I had purchased--a green fishing shirt--('cause I like 'um, that's why) and while I waited for Bruce, people kept coming up to me asking where the bathrooms were, what time the next show was in the Theater, etc.  DO NOT wear a fishing shirt to the Perot (or anything else mildly official looking) and stand still for any length of time, or you will be asked A LOT of questions.  Ones you don't know the answer to but will be really tempted to make up answers for....just sayin'.

Happy Saturday and maybe I'll have pic's of Sicily tomorrow.  My undercover source must be busy.   

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