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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wally, please go home

A friend of mine came by yesterday with her rescue dog, Wally, for what I thought was a short visit but wasn't.  The good news was Sis was a lady.  The bad news is, Wally is/was a pest.  Wally is 4-5 years old, a poodle mix but more poodle than anything else, and he is 100 % movement unless he's asleep.  He has two speeds--on and off.  Once he finds a forever home and gets settled he may slow down but for now, not so much.  I think some of his busyness is because he knows he's not a permanent fixture. 

I watched Sis with fascination.  She tried so hard to like him but he was just constantly up in her grill, jumping up in her chair, wanting to play with an old gal who just wanted him to go away.  She yipped her "back off" yip twice, and I saw her upper lip twitch a few times like she'd love to bite the heck out of Wally.  He was so busy she didn't even try to defend her toys, her new bed, nada.  She just wanted him to hit the front door and keep on going. 

When he and my friend finally left, I comforted Sis and told her what a lovely old lady she was and what great manners she had.  I gave her one of the oatmeal dog cookies we got her from Petco, she snarfed it, got a huge slurp of water and then got in her bed, while I did chores. 

Moral of the story:  sometimes being nice is just exhausting. 

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