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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So sweet!

This morning I woke up thinking about the new Royal heir and his parents and what a darling family they make.  I love that William stayed at the hospital with his new family and even slept on one of those horrendous chairs that's supposed to slide out into a make shift bed.  Take my word for it--they don't feel like a bed or anything remotely close, but I digress.  Price Charles, his dad, would never have done that.  Too posh.  Too entitled. 

I'm delighted to see a Royal act like a normal dad would.  The fact that William practiced putting the car seat in the car was so sweet, and if you saw the clip of it, at the end he quickly goes "whew" and jumps in to
drive off.  And driving his family home himself?  Fantabulous.  This couple clearly wants to be as normal as possible and thank heaven for that.  I love that William is so capable.  He can cook though his wife says early on he burned more things than they they actually ate, but that's just fine.  Princess Diana would be so proud to see the man he's become and how protective he is of Kate and now his baby, too. 

  Baby Cambridge is going to be a knock out with both sets of those genes and boy, howdy would I love to get my hooks on him.  We could rock in the rocker, chat, I could smell his head, and just basically enjoy his baby self.  To me, there's just nothing more intoxicating than babies and baby smell.  It is second only to puppy smell and that's just another version of baby smell and it's no less delish. 

Though I applaud the Cambridge's desire to appear more normal in not hiring a baby nurse or nanny, I'm not thinking that's going to last very long.  Once Kate and William get enough sleepless nights under their belt and both get back to real life and work, a nanny is going to start looking better and better.  Knowing you can hand off a baby for a little break-- if you need to-- is going to take on a whole new meaning.  Just knowing someone is there, is huge. 

Can't wait to see more of this darling family.  What a breath of fresh air for the Royal family!

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