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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, yes, I did

Right now, I can't taste a dadgum thing.  And I don't feel good either so, boo hoo.  Anyway, I wanted some good tomato soup--not that canned Campbell's stuff.  So, I started looking on the Food Network for the easiest recipe possible, and the one I found was so easy, I figured it had to be gross.  Be seated because you are not gonna believe what's in it.  First is a jar of pasta sauce.  OK, not too bad.  Then 2 cups of water.  Uh, no.  I went with chicken broth instead.  1/2 cup cream, again, no.  Didn't have any so I used Coffeemate plain liquid creamer.  Shuddup.  I did.  Then it says fresh herbs of your choice.  I have some fresh oregano outside, but I grabbed dry Italian Seasoning instead because I don't want to go outside.  I told ya.  I'm puny.

Here's what I did.  I sauteed the dry Italian seasoning in a small slice of butter just until I could smell something-- anything--which with my allergies is a challenge.  Then I dumped in the Garlic Italian pasta sauce.  Check.  While that heated, I measured out two cups of chicken broth and poured it in.  Ditto the Coffeemate.  Next was the Immersion blender to blend it all up.  Fresh cracked pepper over the top.  Stir.  Now for the big test.  I had to actually taste it.  Holy Cow.  For quick and dirty, it's a winner, and thrown together with some of Eatzi's Asiago cheese bread, I may just live to blog another day.  Ah, Cream of Tomato Soup.  Yuuummmmm.


  1. I can't believe you admitted that you did that! Love your posts!