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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mazel Tov!

I guess I'm normal.  I'm never truly grateful for my health until I feel really crummy for several days and don't know when things will get better.  This morning I woke up feeling much better and for that, I am really grateful.  I hate feeling crummy and though I may be a nurse, I'm sort of a whiny patient.  Nothing will bring you closer to whatever you worship, than a scary mammogram, bad test result, or even just wheezin', sneezin' season, and fever.  Feeling good is a real gift.  Thank you, God, for Claritin.

I'm going to issue my red alert to stay away from the news and newspaper.  Too many negative things are happening and not a one of us can change any of what's happened, but we can sure give it lots more power by concentrating on it, talking about it, and gnashing our teeth over it.  Remember, whatever you concentrate on, you make bigger.  Don't do it.  Instead, concentrate on love, kindness, courtesy, and laughter.  Make that bigger.  It's tons more fun anyway.

Now, speaking of laughter, I did get a smile out of seeing Benji on my FB page, wearing a yarmulke at the Western Wall in Old City Jerusalem.   You have to look really close, as it's a light colored one, and perched back on his head.  My little Jewish son.  Mazel Tov.  I'm so thrilled to see him experiencing other religious customs in another part of the world.  I think if more of us were able to travel and get to know other cultures and more importantly their people, we'd have a lot less war and craziness in this world.  Yes, there are always going to be nuts and zealots but we're not talking about that today.  Just the good stuff.  And look at Andrea.  She's so adorable I could just squeeze her, as my mom used to say.

And speaking of good....this you must try.  Yesterday I mentioned the Asiago Cheese bread from Eatzi's and let me just say, it is a religious experience unto itself.  At $4.99 a loaf, though it's not really a loaf, it's more of a flat bread, it's phenomenal.  Dipped into last night's tomato soup, it was not of this world.  We have well over half of it left, but my plan is to have more soup and bread for lunch, so we'll see what's left when I'm finished.  It's filling, too, so soup and bread are a meal and a great one at that.  Go. get. some.

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  1. Exactly what I needed to read this morning! Thanks...the news alert ia a great idea...I can really get sucked in!