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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blue Bell

After reading that Rush Limbaugh finally apologized to the law student for his crass and insulting remark, I will say this:  I read his apology and it didn't sound like one to me at all.  It sounded to me like he was just attempting to get his sponsors off his back and not to drop him on his show.  He's not man enough to do it on his own--he had to be coerced.  Second:  Anytime it takes someone this long to apologize, and only does it after much flap, question it carefully.  If it doesn't sound authentic via what is said, it's not, so don't be fooled by it.  It's just an attempt to appear to have done the right thing, so he can say "Hey...I apologized".  A real apology sounds heartfelt and honest and you can feel the ring of truth in your gut.  Rush's??  Nah. 

I have also considered how much of Rush's comment was calculated for maximum attention and uproar.  A way for him to get the focus back on himself, even if only in a negative light.  Narcissist are like that.  They believe they are "special", require admiration, are entitled, grandiose, manipulative, lack empathy, and are arrogant--and that's just the short list.  Look it up online and you might just find Rush's picture.  Gag.

Now, on to happier more productive topics.  I went online last night to Circle R Dachshunds and saw where they had announced that Blue Bell and Malcolm were definitely expecting and she's due April 1, 2, or 3rd.  The breeder had already told me this... but there it was in print. Official.  OMG....that's in less than a month and I am freaking.  I've decided to just sit back and see what comes.  If a blue and tan smooth male pops forth, I may just be a goner.  I'm not sure.  I for sure will need to see pictures at three weeks, and then I'll know whether I need to head up there to meet and greet, in person.  (And leave a check!)  Now, if one isn't in this litter, I'm just gonna pray about it.  I may not do anything.  All I know is this:  I'll know when I know.  And my partner, Mr. No?  I think he could go either way.  He'll say "no" first and then if you put a puppy in his arms, he'll melt.  Who wouldn't??

Here's Blue Bell.   She has a hilarious look on her face.  I hope I get to meet her.

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