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Monday, March 5, 2012

HRH Carolina Jessamine

You know it's springtime when this old gal comes off the top shelf in the Utility room to claim her rightful spot in the kitchen.  Iced tea and springtime just go together.  Period.  It's not sweet tea--that would probably make my teeth fall out--but you can doctor it up anyway you want.  The downside is definitely stained teeth but there's bleach for that, so drink up.    

You especially need tea for this next job.  Since we've sold the office building where my dad's office has been for umpteen jillion years, any plants were up for grabs since they are tearing the building down.  Enter Bruce and me--the scavengers that we are-- with shovels, work gloves, a trash bag, and lots of yelling at each other.  (That's the best part of having been married this long, we yell, and then forget about it immediately.)  Getting her out of the ground wasn't that bad--at least not for me anyway.  :)  It was shoving the old girl in Bruce's car that got interesting.  Read: more yelling and cussing.  Luckily, the bees had decided they weren't up for riding home with us because I had to ride right back where they would have been.  OOO, not good.
  Our mission is to save Her Royal Yellow Lovliness and the jury is still out on that.  We did root stimulator and the whole nine yards so we'll see if she can make the transition.  She's been watered and now we just have to wait and see if she can handle the trauma.  I'm pulling for her.  I think she'll be fine.  (fingers crossed)

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