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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A little nature for today

Bruce, Sis, and I just returned from taking mom out for an evening spin in her wheelchair.  She loves having Sis come over and we decided it would be fun to walk them together.  Sis is always up for a walk and especially when it's on new territory.  Mom sang and laughed the whole way and cheered when Sis did her thing.  Yeah, that.  I think mom also enjoyed being outside in the early evening seeing the world at days end.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful night.  I'm trying to make as many memories as I can, while I can.

When I took her back in, I parked her in her usual parking space in the TV room and it appeared to be almost snack time.  Since a lot of them don't eat much, they offer them something about every two hours or so, during waking hours, so they don't get too hungry and to keep up with their nutritional needs. 

Look what I found this afternoon as I was driving over to a friend's house.  I hopped out of my car with my phone and an elderly lady in her car slowed down and gestured at them, and we both laughed and smiled.  Beautiful.   


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