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Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh, whatever

I was about to bust a major artery this morning when I saw Rush Limbaugh's comment about the law student and birth control, and then I decided oh, why bother.  If this gals is a "slut" according to Rush, then Rush, go look in the mirror 'cause you are a drug addict, remember, and one that's clearly NOT in recovery.   So why, oh, why would anything you have to say merit even an uptick in my blood pressure.  Answer: It wouldn't.  What a dumb ass.  Sorry, but that's just how I see this one.  Pot stirring and sh** starting from somebody who has no business throwing stones. 

Now, in the event you were thinking you might have had a hard week, get a load of this.

 27 newborn Mastiff puppies born to two different mother's, over a three day period.  Sort of puts things in perspective, no?  One had 16, the other a paltry 11.  They were born to mothers of a breeder in Germany who had no idea she'd be having THIS many puppies.  Both mother's were short on milk in the beginning--well, yeah-- so these puppies are being bottle fed round the clock, in addition to nursing from their mom's.  Friends have stepped in to help feed them and you can just bet if I lived in Germany, I'd be right smack in the middle of that puppy pile.  And I have LOTS of bottle feeding experience from the Newborn Nursery, so pick me, pick, me, pick me!!!!

Can't you almost smell that warm puppy smell, wafting up from that mountain of furrrrrr???  Too bad this picture isn't a scratch and sniff 'cause I know you'd all have your fannies in the air trying to sniff your monitor or doing it all "stealth" on your phone.  You know you would.  It's making me crazy so I'll close.  Happy weekend to all and stay safe.

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