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Monday, March 3, 2014


Things I know today.

1)  If I like it, it's expensive                                           
2)  If I like it, it will have a gabillion calories per bite
3)  If it's comfortable, I will wear it (to death)
4)  The older I get the less I give a hoot and the more I laugh         

5)  The older I get, the easier I am on myself
6)  I had to turn 60 before I'd let myself buy a sack of Cracker Jacks and eat some
7)  Cracker Jacks prizes have not improved over the years but I still love them
8)  Super soft fluffy stuffed animals aren't just for small kids
9)  Lima beans, liver, and brussel sprouts are nasty (don't eat them)
10) I never had seasonal allergies until after I lived in Austin
11) Small is the new big no matter what it is
12) Happiness is an inside job and it's up to me
13) If something is flapping in the dishwasher, Sis will protect me from it (by barking at it)
14) I am owned by a dog-- not the other way around
15) No matter what I do, my computer leaves a space even after I remove it

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