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Friday, February 28, 2014

And it's Friday....all day many of you all will watch the Oscars Sunday?  How many will watch it to the end?  Since it starts at practically 4pm that's a lot of glitz, glam, and filler where I from.  I'll watch to see the dresses and if Ellen is major hilarious--and she will be-- and then I'll watch until my brain starts shrinking in my head and  move on.
 IMO, those shows last way longer than they need to or is even good for you.  That many commercials simply cannot be good for your health.  That's way too much time to hit the refrigerator and scrounge. know you do.
And since I know they hand out a bunch of Oscars at a lunch prior to the actual show, I'm thinking let's add more to that group.  I don't care about editing or best short whatever.  Let's just nail the big stuff and go home.  (Oops...I think my old is showing.)
 Sad news around our house.  Senora Maria (mopper extraordinairre) is on her way to Mexico for her brothers funeral and burial.  What little of her family is still there is in Zacatecas, and she's one of six kids.  Her brother (62) died from alcoholism and after being declared brain dead was removed from life support.  He lived in Hotlanta and she went there two weeks ago to say goodbye.  Man...the disease of alcoholism wins again.  I honestly don't know anybody who hasn't been affected by it in some way.

What will you be doing this weekend while the warmer weather hangs around?  Will you be doing yard work or just chillin'?  Sunday night is supposed to be 22 degrees around here so I know what I'll be doing.  Brrrr.
Sorry....I couldn't resist.



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