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Sunday, February 9, 2014


I just spoke with the hunters and they are on the way back with two does (and a nasty boar hog that they better have left right where they shot it, thank you very much.)  They are trying out a new deer processing place so I received a text from the boss man to go online and see what I wanted to order.  Most of it was pretty straightforward but I did need to find out what a Texas Twister was.  The lady I spoke with said they are her husband's favorite but are too hot for her.  She said they are a patty mix of pork, venison, spices, and are bacon wrapped---dangerous words to a Harris---so I passed on the information.

My carnitas are doing their thing in my slow cooker so Sis and I are chillin' and reading the paper.  Since I've never made carnitas before, this is another one of my experiments.  Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows about me and my experiments.  I can hear you laughing...don't think I can't... but if I don't try stuff then I never know if it would have worked or not, so sometimes I just have to go ahead and do it--whatever it is.  Curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.  At least for me anyway.

For any newspaper readers today, I just read another VERY disturbing article about the presiding judge in a lawsuit against my family's company several years ago, that is now awaiting a ruling from the Texas Supreme Court.  Lorrrrrdy....  while this guy is NOT my most favorite person by a l-o-n-g stretch, he has really gotten himself in some serious trouble and while I don't much care what happens to him, I am sending prayers for his mom.  I'm sure she's petrified and worried sick about him, and as a mom, I can sure understand that. 

I haven't updated on mom lately simply because there's just not a lot to tell.  She's sort of hanging in a limbo plateau of Alzheimer's, that for the very life of me, I do not understand.  She can do zippo, nada, nothing for herself and yet when I go visit her, she still knows who I am.  Sometimes she can speak intelligibly--not often--but man, can she laugh.  Admittedly, I do try to tell her fun and funny stories about her great grands, her grands, and even Sis, but I can tell she doesn't laugh much the rest of the time.  I've spied on her.  I know.

How people just hang-- with this disease-- floors me.  My gut says mom isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  Knowing her, she's waiting for the Supreme Court ruling and that makes ME laugh. 

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