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Friday, February 21, 2014

U P Library

I am late to blog today but I've been busy having fun.  One of my most favorite stops today was at the University Park library.  I love that place and it has the cosiest glass enclosed room with a fireplace area where you can curl up and read.  I could stay forever if they just had a restaurant.  Not to worry.  There are several nearby.  I guess now I just need a bed.

Today's big discovery was their online books for your Nook, Ipad, etc.  Shoooot.  I didn't know they had that... and you can bet I'll be using that feature even though I actually still love holding a real book.  But, I'm all about the convenience factor these days so now all I have to do is get set up. 

A guy in his scrubs was there and asked about getting set up, and I over heard.  He saw me mouth whaaaaat? and motioned me over to the conversation.  (We are now BFF's, BTW.)  This discovery is purrrrrfect timing for a Spring read-a-thon and the lady behind the desk could not have been nicer.  All in all, a real puck in the net for me today. 

I tried getting on from home but as I suspected, I may have to have a pin set up by the library, in order to get in.  After that, it's movie, magazine, and book city.  My tax dollars at work for something I actually enjoy. That's a first. 

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