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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Downton or Bruno ? No contest.

I am deeeelighted to report that yesterday's shower mishap is now history and my new rain head and shower sprayer have me thinking I am Oprah Winfrey.  Shooowee.  I could have stayed in there all morning.  My partner and I both got new replacement heads yesterday (independently of each other) and his won.  Same brand-- just fancier than what I got myself.  Can't wait to return mine today.

As a result, he is getting Game Day ribs as a thank you and they are resting in the refrigerator, post rub.  I plan to let them loll around for several hours before I get a crust on them with the grill.  Then comes the easy part.  In they go to a low and slow oven to just while away the afternoon.

On another note, here is a shot of last night's bride, Daley Harris (now Bennett) with her two sisters.  Gorgeous gals, all of them!!!  Congratulations Mrs. Bennett.    
I understand that the half time of the Super Bowl will coincide with Downton Abbey tonight so sorry Bruno Mars.  I have plans.


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