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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello, Snow

Lots going on today.  One of my favorite people is here from out of town and I got to spend yesterday morning with her.  Will see her again today.  I got Sis a new toy yesterday--a Kong--and stuffed one of the puppy cookie/bars down inside, with a little protruding as a come on.  That was the last I saw of her yesterday afternoon and that was the point.  Yay, cookie toys.

Benji and Andrea arrived in Copper Mountain yesterday and wasted no time hitting the slopes.  As kids, Brian and Benji skied Copper many times and one of their favorite things to do was ski a trail through the trees.  Benji commented yesterday he's not quite as fearless as he used to be and I had to howl.  Yep.  Age will do that to ya.  He said he went with Andrea down a Black Diamond run and HATED it and Andrea's ready for a double Black Diamond today.  When Benji said he "now understands why you (me) like the greens...Nowadays I like to cruise and chill and enjoy the, we (he and Andrea) can chat while we ski", I had a full circle moment.  Cue the Lion King music.

Even funnier is they had dinner last nite with one of Benji camp counselors from his first year at Cheley, when Benji was ten.  Benji FB the guy knowing he lived nearby and found out he was part of the Copper Ski patrol, and had been for fifteen years.  Small world.

Life continues to just be darn good.  Lots of laughs (if you look for them) and fun around every corner.  Gotta run.  More tomorrow.

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