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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This afternoon is a Chai latte kind of day and I think they smell almost as good as they taste.  So, pull up an ottoman and throw a quilt over yourself and let's dish while we sip.

First up, I am thrilled to report that I have purchased myself two additional buckwheat hull filled neck wraps off Etsy.  The one that my friend made me is too deeelish for words so I decided to add to my collection.  I'm sure I could find them somewhere in Dallas but not anywhere I called, so I let my fingers do the walking.  The turquoise one will have lavender essential oil and the pink one will have lemon verbena--both two of my favorite smells--and they will hopefully arrive on Friday.  I plan to nuke and enjoy them all weekend.

The best is to nuke one right before bed and slip it under your covers, down by your feet.  Brush your teeth and then......drum roll....climb in bed.   You will just d-i-e.  Putting your Little Smokies on that warm bucky pillow will just send you off into the ethers. 

Now, as for a dinner menu I am unhappy to report that I am simply bust.  I have stuff to's just that nothing sounds good to me.  How can that be?  I may have to call an "every man for himself" dinner, and we'll just forage. 

Lastly, I did watch the halftime show of the Super Bowl after all (a repeat of Downton Abbey was still showing) and I absolutely LOVED Bruno Mars!!  The Red Hot Chili Peppers not so much. 

 My most favorite of all Super Bowl halftimes was Miami's, seven years ago, and Prince.  OMG.  Prince, those chicks in the black leather trench coats wailing "Let's Go Crazy"..... and honey, I did.   I freaked.  It just does NOT get any cooler than Prince.  Even with a doo rag.                                                

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