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Saturday, February 1, 2014

What sprayer?

Jeepers.  This has been an interesting morning.  I had the bright idea of putting Sis in the shower with me because she needed a bath, and I figured it would be warmer in the shower, than in the kitchen sink.  All started off fine.  I used the sprayer to wet her down and then began to apply the puppy shampoo.  Suddenly the sprayer popped off from the shower head above, made a gushing sound and then d-i-ed, as water shot out from the connection at the top.  I'm talking a geyser here.  Spew city.

Sis and I both jumped a mile and despite my best efforts, I could not save the sprayer and furthermore, I no longer cared.  I had a soapy dog, water spewing everywhere from where the sprayer used to be, and a trickle coming from the actual shower head. 

What to do?  I picked up Sis, held her under the largest part of the spray and rinsed that bad girl off completely and then I flipped her over to rinse her belly.  She looked daggers at me and I swear I heard her cuss under her breath. 

Once done and the hand off complete to her towel covered dad, I looked around my shower floor.  A dead sprayer hose lay on the floor, with dog fur and dirt from her paws.....guess it's just the price you pay for a clean, warm dog.  Maybe next time we'll try this.  Ahhhhh.

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