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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zostavax...where for art thou?


Major can of worms.  I am simply trying to get the Shingles vaccine and I think it would be easier to fly to Washington to the White House and get one from President Obama himself.  Yes, Tom Thumb has it BUT my insurance, in order to cover this $200+ injection, requires me to go to my physician's office to get it.  Thank you, Blue Cross.  Just called my OB/gyn and was told I have to go to my internist.  Hello, punt, pass, and kick.

And therein lies the rub.  I don't have one and I don't WANT one.  I need another MD in my life like I need another rotten spoiled dog.  Bruce has teased me for years that I have a specialist for every part of my body.....and I sort of do, or have had in the past, and I'm just not feeling it to add another one.  Yes, I could consolidate services, but I love my OB/gyn and am not ready to do that.  (Yet). 

So, now I have to go pick an internist, just for the damn shingles vaccine, have another physical, get established as a new patient, and all that just seems a little much for a damn shot.  Since I see an endocrinologist every six months for my thyroid and my OB/gyn yearly, this feels a whole lot REDUNDANT.  For now, I figure if I want the vaccine that bad, I'll just go throw down for it in cash.  (The typical part is, if I don't get the vaccine, I'll probably NEVER get the Shingles anyway.)   That's just how my life is. 

Preventative health care?  Sounds good in theory and on's just lots more difficult to obtain than it should be. 

I'm just back inside from a quick visit with Laura, Claire, and baby John next door.  I heard them on the driveway and ran out for quick hugs.  It was getting cold(er) so we didn't last long outside.  Since Claire runs to me for a hug, baby John is now doing it as well, so I am doubly good for nothing where they are concerned.  They hug me--I melt--x 2.  Ahhh....neighbors.  Just LOVE them!

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