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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Help me move on when it's time

Have you ever known it was time to move on, but didn't?  You knew you'd outgrown what was, but were afraid of moving on for fear of the unknown.  What if I don't like the "new whatever"?  You knew staying where you were was limiting you, but the choice was just too big.

Here's the good news:  Hold your nose and JUMP.  There will always be a net to catch you.  I forget this tiny little piece of information when I get scared and it's really not so tiny.  It's HUGE.  Sure there are times to jump that are a little better than others but when you know what you really want, down to your toes, jump.

I have a pattern of staying in jobs or situations that I have outgrown and no longer enjoy because of old tapes in my head that tell me "don't be a quitter", "you have responsibilities", etc.  All of those are true (or were back then) but they did not mean I had to continue in the same situation day after day.  No, ma'am.  Today I know to pull up my drawers, pause, ponder, pray, and jump.  I can move forward in freedom.  Freedom from lack or fear and straight into love and abundance.  A fresh start into a new year filled with promise, fun, laughter, friends, support of all kinds, creativity, and beauty.

Now, if I am rooted in a belief that whatever I jump for has to look a certain way, I need to give that up before I jump.  Nothing ever looks exactly like I picture it anyway but I can visualize what I'd like, and then see how close it gets. 

P. S.  Don't worry about sticking your landing.  That will be taken care of for you.

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