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Thursday, January 16, 2014


This morning I'm feeling a little bit like Goldilocks.  I have now ordered the same boots twice from a catalog and despite in depth conversations with their customer service people, have been unable to get the correct size.  First, too small.  Now, too big.  Euro sizing?  Piece of cake, unless your sizing chart does not match the boots.  My third (and last pair) should arrive tomorrow and after this, I'm done.  If these don't work, well, I gave it a shot. When I told the gal yesterday I felt like Goldilocks, she laughed so hard she upgraded my shipping to 2 day air.  Being nice doesn't cost any more, makes things easier, and if you make them LOL, it could work in your favor.  Just sayin'. 
 I am delighted-- and am hoping this is THE END of Goldilocks and the Three Pairs of Boots. 

I was visiting with someone this morning and she said something that on the surface is a total no brainer, but in visiting about it further, we went a lot deeper.  It was a comment from an aunt who once said to her in passing "There's more than one right way to do something ".  My friend said she will never forget her aunt saying this and the attached feelings that went with it--those of acceptance, kindness, tolerance, open mindedness, and compassion.  On examining it further, we both looked at our own behavior and tried to see if we practice what we preach.  Despite our lip service, do we really believe there's more than one right way to do something, or is the real truth the exact opposite?  Do we really think (way down deep) that not only is our way the best way, but that it's the only way--the only RIGHT way? 

Short and sweet, the answer is, sometimes.  Sometimes we both drink our own Kool Aid.  We decided this is definitely something we want to focus on to improve within ourselves.

If you're not really honest with yourself, you miss the opportunity to grow and if you aren't aware of something, you can't improve on it.  Awareness, consistency, and congruency.  I like that.  

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