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Saturday, January 11, 2014

And..... they're Off!

Perfect morning.  Coffee and the Pioneer Woman on TV.  Sis in her chair and the bug man just left.  The sun is out and I can't wait to get outside and just bugger around.  My fern is on vacay (out of the garage where she winters) and she thinks she might just be in New Orleans.  She is that happy.  By now I've usually killed my fern, by either forgetting and leaving her outside when it's too cold or just ignoring her.  Not this one.  She's just too big and fluffy to forget or ignore and I'm committed to seeing if I can keep her alive for Spring time on the front porch.  So far, so good but it's early.  I have to be realistic here.  There's still plenty of time for an epic fail.

For those not in the know, Scarletta, and more importantly my baby boy are en route to the other side of the world on their annual Navy Tour.  Let's hope getting there is easier than trying to get out of the US.  Between delays leaving Nashville (2 hours) and another delay (25 min) on the tarmac in Washington while the ground crew hunted up their orange flashlights to guide the plane in, I feel sure this is just the beginning of bizarre stories to come.  One of Scarletta's FB friends posted they had recently been delayed on the tarmac because the gate crew had just gone on break.   A plane full of people sits and waits for a couple of people who have just gone on break. just can't make this stuff up. 

My cell rang last night right as they were boarding with Benji telling me they were experiencing yet another delay.  Not sure what that was all about but since I didn't get a follow up call, they must have gotten off OK.
Air travel.  What a whippin'.  They won't arrive at their final destination until this afternoon (our time) so after traveling for well over the 24 hour mark and then some, they are going to feel like some kind of wreckage when they finally arrive. 

Since I never won a Geography bee, I had to google to see where exactly they are going and honey, let me just say whaaaat?  You're going where???  Me?  I'm happy to be an armchair groupie on this one. 
I'm thinking the one clowning in the background isn't quite so perky right about now.  The good news: some sleep and he'll bounce right back.  They all will.

P.S.  Emillee is OK. Her cast is off but she's wearing a walking cast.  With her in a wheelchair, they get to butt to the front of every line (or not even wait in one) and preboard.  Something tells me we may be seeing a lot of that cast in future airline trips. 

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