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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Djbouti, Africa


See...I told ya you wouldn't believe me.  They (Scarletta) should be taking off shortly headed for Paris, a layover, another flight across the pond to the US, and a last flight home to Nash.  I know....I'm jet lagged just thinking about it.  Knowing them, they'll be way tired but so glad to be home they'll be hysterical.  Nothing better than a hot shower, good food, and your very own bed at your very own home.  Ahhhh.

When I have to travel that far for that long, I fall apart and collapse into the silly giggles and if someone doesn't monitor my insanity for me and remind/make me EAT (because I'm so damn tired I'm not even hungry), I really frizzle out.  At least there are five of them so they can look after each other.  Plane just lifted off so they are on their way. Welcome home!

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