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Monday, January 13, 2014


After last night's stunner on DA, I have to tell you I had a hard time sleeping.  Way down deep, that hooked me in a big way.  Being a woman (especially back then) is tough enough without that.  I did think the way they filmed it was brilliant though I think that's what further inflamed my helpless feeling for Anna.  I kept hoping someone would come back downstairs (and chop that guy up for dinner.) 

Yes, it's a TV drama (soap) but given how women were treated back then and certainly someone below the stairs so to speak, I'm not thinking Anna will be able to press charges or have any recourse.  According to what I heard Joanne Froggatt, Anna's character say in an interview, back then it would have brought shame upon the house and personal (reputation) ruin to Anna and Bates for a rape to be reported.  Puhhhhhlease. 

 It's tough enough to press charges today for a rape so I can't imagine even attempting it back then.  The old "she wanted it...she came on to me..." BS is still very much alive and well today.  Personally, I hope Anna tracks him down and shoots his pecker off.  I would.

I'm tempted to google ahead and find out what happens during the rest of the season but then that's no good either.  Color me horrified. 

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