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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baharain, baby

We're moving on in the Geography Bee so see ya, Baharain.  Yep.  That was stop number one and in a little bit, Scarletta will be heading out to I can't tell ya, remember?  Here are some pic's that I just got the OK to post.  Geeee...what did we ever do without the ability to text?
Tree of Life and Mr. Drama
Baharain buds
The NRA's new poster girl
 Nathan and his new GF.

Today they've been to King's camel farm, to see a Belly dancer (with $15 beer price...hello, tourist), and to visit a mosque, where Emilee had to wear a full body burka.  Doesn't see look thrilled?
I'm thinking the cane was a nice touch.  Tres' chic.
More to come.  I need pic's of Heath!

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