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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grow up

It's time for me to STOP reading the DMN and Internet.  Again.  I wish there was a paper and an online news outlet that required intelligence in an article or subject, prior to posting.  Between Justin Bieber's drugs, alcohol, and egging antics and the ongoing recent shock jock comments about women, I'm wondering what's going on in this world. 
Justin is acting just like any fool young guy would, who has too much money at his disposal and no male parental figure (male) to jerk his leash.   Yes, he is chronologically an adult but that's BS for anyone who has ever had male kids.  His brain is chronologically about 12.  

Without a male figure to help, I simply wish Momma Bieber would have tied up all Justin's money way back when, put him on an allowance, and put all his stuff in a trust (somehow.....I'm not an attorney) until he's at least thirty five--bare minimum--to give his brain a fighting chance to mature and catch up with his body.   Guys brains DO NOT mature for a good while (years) and that's a scientific fact.  And given some of the male comments about women and gays lately (even just for publicity purposes) I'm thinking some guys brains NEVER DO MATURE.  I think their brains get crushed by their ever growing and expanding EGOS. 

I'm talking to you, Rush, Greg, Vladamir, and Mike, and those are just the guys I'm calling out today.  GROW UP. 

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