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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Her guy

Sis is all excited.  Her favorite person, her main squeeze, is having another birthday dinner tonight, and she's invited.  She can hardly stand herself.  Never mind she's napping covered with a fleece blanket right now.  She's saving her energy.   That girl already knows what tonight means.  It means tonight she'll score not one but two steak bones, he'll give her bites off his plate, AND she'll have him all to herself all evening. Game, Sis.

It also means she'll bark at him and expect him to follow her when she's ready to go for her walk or put on her red flashing collar after dark so she can go alleying.  Ditto when she decides she's ready for him to tuck her in, at her determined bedtime.  He's hers--all her's--all night.  And that's how she likes it.

Honestly, I don't think we've ever had a smarter dog and I know for a fact we've had some real numskulls.  Our cocker spaniel, Molly, was either the most willful or THE dumbest dog (or both) to ever hit the planet Earth.  Wiggles was fairly bright but he was no rocket scientist that's for sure.  At least not next to Sis. 

Gosh, it's fun to watch a man and his dog, and their mutual love affair. 

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