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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Last night was Bruce's celebratory birthday dinner since his birthday is Tuesday.  In our family, the birthday person gets to pick where they want to go and/or the type of food.  Now you are up to speed.  Where did my amour choose?  None other than an Ethiopian restaurant way down Greenville by LBJ.

Not being totally sure what Ethiopian food was or if I'd had it before, I did my homework before going.  I'm glad I did.  The servers were totally willing to teach you and made it look so simple but I'm still glad I knew.

No sooner were we walked to our table than we realized we knew the people at the next table.  She is a superb cook and her son is a chef so I figured if they were there, we were in pretty good shape. 

Bruce had done some online research to figure out what their best entrees were and we each ordered one of the ones suggested.  Out they came and the bread, called injera, was the weirdest looking rolled up grayish spongy stuff you've ever seen.  It was on a tray like in First Class when they hand you the warm, damp washcloths, only this was fermented bread. 

 As our waitress dumped out Bruce's Doro Wat (chicken) I noticed two large lumps.  One lump was a chicken drumstick and the other was a hard boiled egg in what tasted like a mild curry sauce.  Over that she sprinkled some cheese.

Mine was lamb Tibis with sauteed vegetables and sort of a salad served along with it.  With mine came two sauces-- a not so flavorful reddish one and a wasabi that could put the hurt on you if you weren't careful. 

To eat, you'd tear off some of the bread (right hand only) scoop up what you wanted, fold it with your fingers and tuck it neatly in your mouth.  The key word here is neatly-- and I ended up with a little bit on my shirt but oh, well.  You do not use your left hand because in Ethiopia, that hand is considered "unclean".  (Figure it out.)   Yes, you could ask for silverware, but c'mon we're in Ethiopa, remember, so let's go ethnic.  At the end, you got a little wet nap (like at Bubba's) to wipe your hand. 

All in all, it was good but not stellar.  I'd still rather go Indian or Greek, but this was a fun adventure. 

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