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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Face Timing

I just got off my cell a little while ago after Face Timing with Benji in I'm not supposed to tell you where.  It took us a time or two because he was outside and had to go back in for a better Wi-Fi signal.  He said it's been fun so far and they recently got a Patriot missile tour and to see one up close and personal.  Deep breath....I did not need to know that... but fine....OK.  (That little hint should give you a basic idea of where they are.  Yeah, baby.)  When he went back inside for a better signal, it was to the giant recreation area for everyone on base to hang out, play pool, etc.  As he showed me around on his phone, I could see guys in the background and hear them laughing and talking.  Mind blower.

He says their accommodations are lovely--think 4 **** hotel.  In a little while they were headed out to play another show and no doubt do a post show meet and greet.  He showed me posters of Scarletta that the Navy entertainment people had posted around base and I got to see the band shell where they are probably playing right now.  They head off tomorrow night to their next post and word on the street is this next stop will not be quite as cushy.  Benji and I were laughing about how it will be like the portable classroom buildings at Hyer. could be soooo much worse and he knows it's not about them or their comfort--this is about giving back to our service men and women.

 I did have to laugh when he told me about their recent "enchiladas" at Taco Tuesday on base.  Apparently they were covered with Marinara, on top.  For a guy from Texas raised on Tex-Mex, I'd have paid good money to see the look on his face after biting into that.  Ranks right up there with Chil-getti.  He said otherwise, the food on base is really good.  He's even eaten meatloaf which he would NOT TOUCH as a little kid.  I guess if it's free and you're hungry, you'll eat it!

Hope to be able to post pictures soon.  More to come.

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