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Friday, January 10, 2014


Here's what I'm thinking.  I'm thinking that since my two gardenia bushes are on life support anyway, why not get the clippers and give them a big old haircut?  Those two started off lovely but took a nose dive during the repeated Dallas droughts and blistering summers, so I'm thinking I don't have a lot at risk here.  They've got a 50-50 chance no matter how you slice it and their luck does not appear to be improving.'s settled then.  I'm gonna get the clippers and play makeover with those two.  The big reveal can't be any worse than what they look like now all straggly and pitiful.  Done deal.  Glad we got that settled.  Just need to grab my gloves.

I'm ready to plant another climbing rose bush on the other side of my little outside eating area but I want one that is fragrant.  I'm all about smells (good ones) and I think planting another one on the other side just might get enough sun to really bloom.  The scent, though, I may need to research.  I don't know if a lot of climbers have much of a scent and let's be real here.  I want to SMELL it.  My neighbor says she'll take me to the wholesale nursery where she does her landscape plant shopping for her business so that will be fun. Maybe I just need to ask HER what climber to plant. 

Here are a few I found that not only smell great but are hardy and can handle a little shade, too.
I already have a yellow one and they have zip smell.  Boo on that.  Your vote?

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