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Thursday, January 9, 2014


It's a Wuthering Heights kind of day.  We should all be in our wellies and out walking on the moors.  Sis would absolutely hate that but a Lab would be in heaven.  And speaking of Sis, I was thinking just last night how smart she is vs Wiggles.  No offense to the elderly departed gentleman but she is a Mensa scholar next to him.

Sis talks--and he never really did.  She can show you what she wants and he just sat there like you were supposed to figure it out.  Not Sis.  Oh, no.  She will ask you to follow her (with her body language) and then she shows you what she needs.  Bruce doesn't really get her or probably more accurately, doesn't give a hoot-- and just ignores her.  So, she has developed a habit of roping me in to TELL him what she wants him to do and of course, I help her.  I can't not do it....we are gal pals and to not assist her would just be wrong.

Never mind she is like a Timex watch.  She wants to do the exact same things every day right around the same time.  If you know her or her "schedule", then you pretty much know the usual stuff she wants.  But it's the unusual that just slays me.  When she's really bored and the weather is bad, if I'm leaving, she'll go to the door and look back at me.  Oh, crap.  I know what's coming.  She wants me to take her for a ride.  The second I open the driveway door, out she shoots to the garage, dancing on her hind legs to get into my car (so of course I let her).  We drive around a block or two with the window down, me freezing, and her upper body hanging out.  Luckily, that never lasts too long.

When she wants a chew bone, she's already heard the rattling of the package that sounds like the bag of chew bones, and will walk into the pantry to try to show you where they are, if you play dumb.  Don't do's just mean... and some old gals don't need to be tortured (unless they deserve it).  

If you want Sis to do something she doesn't want to do, get ready.  When you tell her what to do, she is going to look away from you with  disgusted dog body language like she is secretly cussing you under her breath.  Don't fluff up her bed and then hold up the covers for her to get in.  LORD, no.  It has to be her idea.  She wants to get in her way, snooting up all the blankets as she goes.  SHE wants to bury herself.  Not you.
 Go figure.  Some girls are just choicey like that.

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