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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This and that

By the time I finished making all the spaghetti yesterday, I had enough for Afghanistan.  No worries.  I popped some in the freezer, called Brian to come eat and take some home, and ran some next door to Mary.   She wasn't there but I knew she'd be back before dark so I booby trapped her door so she would see it, and not step in or on it.  She has a tiny little outside side table that's green, so I scooted it over and put the container on top of that.  Bingo.  In less than thirty minutes my phone was ringing thanking me for her dinner.

When you live alone like she does, there's no way you are going to go to the trouble (or volume) of making spaghetti, a roast, etc.  It will out live you, so I take her stuff from time to time.  Usually when I go over I take Sis with me but she wasn't about to go yesterday.  Too cold.  So, the Food Ambassador stayed home in her chair, toasty and warm, and waited for me to come back.

I've checked on mom this week and the plateau she's been on is still in effect, so some days I have to remind myself this is just part of the disease process.  It's a really s-l-o-w go.  Think molasses in January left outside in the freezing cold.  With all the flu around town it's a miracle no one on her unit is ill.  Visitors are requested NOT to visit if they are ill but that's like saying please don't park here.  Somebody always does.

From what I have heard around town, the flu is taking people down by the handful.  If you didn't get a flu shot, you might want to reconsider that given that a lot of hospitals ICU's are on overflow right now.  I hear H1N1 (swine flu) is especially virulent but the other strains are no sissies either.  Ick.

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