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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hawk Patrol

My hawk count continues and I've counted two more in less than twenty four hours.  One was last night over by White Rock, sitting in a tree looking regal, while the latest was this morning, as I went out to get the paper.  I could see him a block over, high in a leafless tree, hunting for breakfast. 

Back during the ice and snow, I was out one afternoon and saw one land, grab a dead pigeon (car v pigeon) from the middle of the street on Park Lane, and try to off with it.... before he got run over.  He made it to the grassy side of the sidewalk before dropping that enormous pigeon and he came within a cat's whisker of getting run over himself.  All of this during a brief red light, right in front of my car.  It was a real Nat Geo moment.

I never noticed wildlife around our house as a kid.  Yes, I saw the Mockingbirds and Blue jays but it never occurred to me there was anything else besides the usual squirrels.  Now I look.  Now I notice.  That might be a commentary on my age, too, but this is the stuff of life for me these days.  I love that my life has slowed down now and I take the time to look.  For if you look, you WILL see. 


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