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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wiener dog adoption update

As of an hour ago, here's where we are.  Mokey's people are out of town until Monday so that means until they are back and until the dachshund rescue people can take him to the Vet to be all checked out, we can only lick the picture we have of him...and yeah, I said lick....because right now I could.  His face reminds me of Wigman's but his dapples make him his very own self.  I can't wait to see what he's like in person.  I may faint...

So, maybe next week sometime we will get to meet him and more importantly he will have his audience with Her Canine Royal Highness.  As long as there is no major growling or blood shed, we are good.  We already know Sis is a big old pig--bed hog, bone hog, food hog, etc. so none of that will come as a surprise.  For him maybe but not us.  It will hopefully be like bringing another baby home from the hospital (after the first one), only this one is grown up, is potty trained, and much less of a hassle in general.  Or not.  It could be a freaking nightmare but at least no diapers are involved. 

Some of you have seen his picture.  Some not.  Don't know who the little girl is but I'd take her, too.  Adorbs.  Totally.  

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