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Friday, April 11, 2014


With this latest major hack job into all of our emails and passwords we clearly need to change them all but are being told not to do it until a new and improved fire wall can be established.  I get it but when's that likely to happen and what do you do in the meantime?  Radio silence.  Guess there's just not an answer for everything is there?

Thank you to all for your condolences on the close but no cigar Mokey situation.  My partner and I are both feeling much better though still disappointed.  Rats. Rats. Rats.  After I found out he wasn't coming Wednesday, I went and did one of the things I know to do when my heart feels like it's been ripped right out of my chest.  I went next door and played with Claire and baby John and gave them some little Easter candy I'd gotten them.  (Yes, it was late afternoon candy before dinner so color me a lousy neighbor but whatever.)   Baby John wasn't really sure what it was but Claire knew immediately.  After a few smooches on both kids, I was ready to leap small buildings in a single bound......ahhhh.... the power of LOVE.

Sis continues to reign supreme and for the last two nights has gotten her dad to take her for a ride in the car vs a walk.  What he doesn't know is that this is now
THE LAW unto SIS and the first night he doesn't want to there will be hell to pay.  I can't wait.  Watching this battle will be almost as good as watching a Scandal rerun.

Happy weekend to all.  

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