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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pokey, Mokey

No news yet and I have made a deal with myself that if we have not heard from the Dachshund people by tonight, I can text them.  Patience is just not something I do well especially when it surrounds a DOG, and one I have seen a picture of....that's like having candy dangled in your face and snatched away.

While the little kid in me wants to go all toddler in Target meltdown city, the adult in me knows that while that might feeeeeeel good for a second, it's NOT how grown ups act.  Forcing a solution is never a good idea.  That much I know for sure.

So while I attempt to build more character and virtues, stay tuned.  He's so close I can almost smellllllllll him. And since I'm obsessing anyway, I'm thinking this is close to how he must have looked as a puppy.  omg. 

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