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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sad news


For those not on my FB page, the scoop is Mokey is NOT coming.  His family gave him to a friend of theirs.  The friend was to keep him while they were out of town over the weekend and the friend, knowing they were giving him away, asked to keep him.  Yes, they had contacted the Rescue Dachshund people about placing him, said they would, yada, yada, yada.  They bailed.  I guess at least now their little girl can see him at their friend's house.  (I'm working really  hard to be generous here because I'd personally like to dog-nap him.)  But truth be told, I'd probably have done the exact same thing they did AND I still don't like it.  No sir, I don't.

The weirdest part is this morning early I had a premonition that either his family would decide to keep him or the people fostering him would.  Bingo.  The latter.   I told myself to stop "awfulizing"--- but it was still in my head because I even told my hairdresser about it today--he's a fellow doxie person.  When I texted Kevin late this afternoon to tell him no Mokey, he was stunned and then remembered me telling him my weird premonition.  Sometimes my knower just knows stuff.  Don't know how or why but it does--- even when I don't want to believe it.

So, that's that.  I'm crushed.  I'm sad.  I'm disappointed.  I'm going to feel it all and when I'm done, move on. 
The good news?  I still have that slick black hound that I love to pieces and that's a lot.

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