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Monday, April 7, 2014


Boy, howdy.  Over the weekend I failed to live up to someone else's expectations and did I ever feel the heat.  A neighbor down the block who is and has been separated from her husband for well over a year, expected me to join in on her verbal Tae Kwondo of her husband who has moved on, so to speak. 

I didn't, and expressed my opinion to her that since she can't do anything about his part and what all she feels he's done wrong, she might take a look at hers, since that's the only part she can change, going forward.  I told her in my experience, a relationship has two sides and the truth is generally somewhere in the middle.  3...2...1  Kaboom.

 She wasn't buying anything I had to say.  She gathered her forces and tried again trying to force me to see it her way.  I refused to play.  She shook three pictures she'd printed off FB  that "prove he's cheating on me". They didn't. 

Wow.  When you don't do what someone else wants/expects you to do, you're going to feel the heat.  Stand your ground anyway. Their stuff is their stuff.  Let them deal with it.                                

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