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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where did the day go?

I am so excited.  A good friend called earlier today and said Nordstroms had given her a Spa Day and lunch for her and three of her friends, and she invited yours truly!  After lunch, we get to pick two spa services of our choice and I'm wondering if they have a tummy tuck on their menu?  Hey, a girl can dream and considering this will happen the week after Thanksgiving, I'm thinking the timing couldn't be better.

I am way behind in my reading, and Winter of the World is about to kick off into WWII and considering that's what the last book I read was about--or at least included in depth--I'm struggling to go there again.  Seriously, it's not like I don't know what happened or how WWII ends, and since Hitler and the SS keep abusing people in the part I'm reading right now, I keep putting the book back down.  All those atrocities make re-visiting all of that just so damn grisly.

My wood pile is loaded in hopes I get to make a fire either tonight or tomorrow night.  I'm about to go start a big old pot of spaghetti sauce because it's going to get cold, and because I just want to. 

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